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12 Tips for Using Your Dining Room as a Home Office

By: Mina Hochberg
December 15, 2020

If you’re looking for ways to create more office space at home, consider retrofitting your dining room. Dining rooms are already equipped with a table and chairs, and they’re often one of the most under-utilized spaces in a home. Here are some design tips to help turn your dining area into a pleasant workspace.

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Photo: Kristy Seibert Designs

Add Task Lighting

Even if your dining room has ample natural light, it’s important to add one or two task lights to avoid eye strain. Interior designer Kristy Seibert converted her dining area into a full-time personal office space and incorporated a small, stylish desk lamp to ensure proper lighting.

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Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany Skilling Interiors

Put Sideboards to Use

Stow your work gear in buffets, sideboards or other existing dining storage units. Tiffany Skilling, interior designer and owner/founder of Tiffany Skilling Interiors at the Indiana Design Center, dedicated two shelves of her china cabinet to store her work supplies. “It allowed me to clear pieces out that I didn’t even like anymore,” she says.

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Photo: Designing Vibes

Stow Work in a Banquette

Interior designer Erica Van Slyke built a storage banquette in her dining area to create a functional workspace. A storage banquette is a convenient place to stow work gear at the end of the day. Thanks to its proximity to wall outlets, Erica’s banquette also allows her to power up devices without creating a tripping hazard.

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Photo: Matthew Williams

Dining Table With Drawers

Relocate those place mats and cloth napkins and instead use table drawers for work supplies. Interior design team Cortney and Robert Novogratz, authors of Design Fix, used the drawers of their vintage apothecary dining room table to store office supplies. The impressive length of this table also allowed the couple to work and conduct meetings while their children finished schoolwork.

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