Top Living Room Color Palettes

Want to create a show-stopping living room? Try one of these fresh color schemes.

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Eclectic Elegance

The color palette in this living room includes shades of turquoise, jade green and charcoal gray for a cohesive and sophisticated look. Designer Caitlin Murray unifies the eclectic mix of furnishings by painting the walls a bright white and using analogous colors throughout the space.

Traditional Neutrals

Neutral colors are the perfect background for a living room. Add accessories in muted shades or bright hues to achieve different looks. In this living room from HGTV’s Fixer Upper, designer Joanna Gaines pairs several shades of brown and tan with muted shades of green to create a calming but interesting atmosphere.

Breezy Contemporary

Cool blue cabinets and white walls contrast well with the dark brown ceiling beams to create a relaxing, contemporary living area. Designer Lindye Galloway adds interest to the coastal color palette by choosing patterned chair cushions and adding a soft blue area rug.

Deep Hues

Design a living room that makes a statement with rich, saturated shades, like the deep rust and wine-infused purple of this space. To keep the room from looking too dark, designer Kate Duckworth uses light-hued flooring and white baseboards.

Brightly Colored

This uplifting palette uses fuchsia to add a little passion, while the bright aqua creates an organic richness to the space. Designer Faith Blakeney updates the classic color palette of pink and green by using shades of aqua and fuchsia.

Classic Palette

A color scheme of red and cream is paired with classic furnishings for a traditionally styled living room. TerraCotta Design Build grounds the light walls of the living room with a dark red area rug, while fabrics in cream, gray, gold and red pull the color palette throughout the space.

High-Contrast Neutrals

Don’t steer clear of an all-neutral palette for fear of a boring design. The key to using neutrals in an eye-catching manner is employing contrast. In this urban living room, designer Becky Shea juxtaposes the creamy white brick walls with plenty of black for a dynamic, high-contrast look.

Muted Midcentury Duo

Blue plus green equals a no-brainer color scheme. What makes this loft living area pop, though, is the interesting, midcentury-inspired shades designer Lindye Galloway chooses. Pigeon blue feels muted and subtle yet deep and mysterious, while olive green adds a touch of earthy drama to the space. Various shades of cream and white help balance the palette’s intensity.

Pretty Pastels

Does it get any lovelier than this pastel-infused living room by designer Bria Hammel? I think not. Crisp white walls provide a blank canvas for large strokes of pale pink and blue. Careful touches of emerald green add depth to the design.

Tried + True

You just can't go wrong with a navy-and-white color combo, and designer Caitlin Murray proves that with ease in this living room. She chooses a deep navy paint for the room’s niches to contrast with the white walls and bring attention to the noteworthy architecture.

Warm + Earthy

Gray is an ultra-popular choice for living room walls, and it’s a good one when executed well. The key is choosing a warm shade of gray and pairing it with other warm tones. In this living room from HGTV’s Hidden Potential, designer Jasmine Roth accents milky gray walls with mustard yellow, creating a space that’s both warm and stylish.

Retro Inspo

If you’re totally obsessed with your midcentury modern sofa and completely in love with your sputnik chandelier, orange and blue are the colors for you. In this on-trend living room, designer Becca Stephens grounds the vibrant colors with neutral-hued walls and a dark gray sofa.

Soft Sophistication

Looking for a palette that’s a little feminine and a lot sophisticated? Take a cue from designer Genna Margolis. In this living room, Genna layers several shades of gray and white to create interest and adds a chic blush armchair for a subtle pop of color.

Primary Perfection

It’s scientific — primary colors are meant to be together. Designer Natalie Myers capitalizes on this fact to create a living room that’s equal parts understated and eye-catching. A large dose of white on the walls tones down the vibrant blue and red hues while simultaneously adding a cool, Americana vibe.

Grown-Up Glam

Are you a fan of all things glamorous? That means metallic accents are a must in your living space. Just be sure to pair your glitzy choices with a mature color partner. In this living room, designer Kameran Schaffner chooses deep maroon to ground her bronze-and-gold-infused palette.

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