10 Creative Ideas for Kids' Rooms

Find easy-to-do decorating projects to add a playful touch to your little one's space.
By: Janell Beals
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Headboard Charm

Nothing brings a more finished look to a bedroom than an upholstered headboard, and it's easier than you think to make your own. Detailed instructions for our kids' room projects »

Please Leave a Message

Create an adorable message board using an inexpensive framed corkboard.

Oh-So-Pretty Chair

Update a chair with paint and fabric to bring in a dose of sweet style.

Paint It Pretty Crown Molding

If a bedroom doesn't have crown molding, don't worry — you can create the look of molding with paint. This project adds instant character and charm to a kid's bedroom. Detailed instructions for our kids' room projects »

Fun Little Footstool

Colorful paint and fun fabric can quickly update a small stool or ottoman.

Go Ahead, Draw on the (Chalkboard) Walls

Encourage creativity by adding a wide chalkboard stripe around the walls of your kid's bedroom.

A Room for a Young Explorer

Introduce your child to the wonders of travel by painting maps on their bedroom walls.

Redesign a Pendant Fixture

On a tight design budget but want a designer look? Head off to Ikea and pick up a fun light fixture to customize. Detailed instructions for our kids' room projects »

Goodnight Message

Leave sweet messages for your child by writing on chalkboard lamps placed in their bedroom.

Lampshade Makeover

Every room needs a fun pattern included in the design, and what better place to introduce the pattern than on a lampshade.

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