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Tips for a Clutter-Free Bedroom Nightstand

By: Amanda Lecky
June 15, 2015

All bedrooms could use more storage, which makes nightstands key. But how do you keep them clutter-free? Designers share their top tips for keeping nighttime necessities at hand without turning the bedside table into a catchall.

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Photo: Photography by Holly Polgreen

Opt for Clear Shelves

For a bright, open look, consider nightstands that don't steal visual space. One trendy option: bedside tables with a mirrored finish that bounces light around the room. Or follow the lead of the designers at Carlyn & Co. and surround the bed with a pair of glass shelves. "They create a light and airy feeling yet provide storage for all your nighttime needs like a reading lamp, books, a clock and glasses — all in one neat and organized spot."

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Get a Leg Up

In a small bedroom, a diminutive (but storage-rich) nightstand is best. Choose a piece with feet to create the impression of more open floor space. As you arrange your essentials on the nightstand, designer Holly A. Kopman suggests considering the necessities — "Always have a spot to put a glass of water" — as well as the serenity of the space. "I try to encourage people not to keep too many things plugged in by the bed, because it can interrupt your sleep," she says. "Instead, consider displaying a small but meaningful piece of art."

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Photo: Photography by Rachael Boling

Stash It in Plain Sight

Any designer will tell you that selecting a nightstand with interior storage is the best way to keep the top clear of clutter. But if you fall in love with a bedside table that doesn't have as much stowaway space as you need, "use decorative storage boxes to keep small items organized," says designer Linda McDougal. "And there are certain things you should always plan to keep on top of the nightstand: a lamp, a coaster for a glass of water and a couple of books."

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Build In Functionality

For a sleek, modern vibe, choose a headboard with integrated bedside tables. This one was custom-constructed with good looks that conceal a smart secret. "Both of the cantilevered wood pieces are actually drawers," says architect William Hefner. "So it's easy to sweep the clutter into the drawer quickly when you need to clean up. Often we will place the telephone for the room in one of the drawers, as well."

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