Black and White Bathroom Decor Ideas

Gather black and white bathroom decor ideas, and prepare to add a striking and stylish decor theme to your bathroom.
Bathroom with Black and White Textiles, Prints, Tile

Black and White Bathroom with Pops of Yellow

Black and white textiles, art and tile create a dizzying optical illusion in this contemporary bathroom. Pops of bright yellow help to break up the monochromatic design.

By: Sean McEvoy

If you're considering a bathroom with a black-and-white theme, you'll want to browse several black-and-white bathroom decor ideas. Black-and-white bathroom design is a versatile approach that can be applied to just about any style of bathroom, from the stoically traditional to the ultra-modern.

Black-and-white bathroom decor can make a great addition to most bathroom designs, as these neutral colors can be paired with just about any color scheme, as well as styles ranging from traditional to eclectic.

As you begin examining black-and-white bathroom decor ideas, you'll first want to determine how extensive or minimalist you want your black-and-white decor theme to be, along with whether you want to focus more heavily on black or white decor. Some homeowners implement a color scheme and decor theme that runs throughout the space, with all elements — from fixtures and flooring to linens and artwork — featuring the signature colors. Other bathrooms implement a decor theme that's more subtle, featuring only a few key pieces that marry the color scheme and the decor.

If your plan is to thread black-and-white decor flourishes throughout the entire bathroom design, you'll need to consider each detail of the space and find a black-and-white component to fit your decor vision. A good place to start is with linens. Readily available in black-and-white patterns or solids, bath and hand towels, window curtains and shades, and shower liners and curtains can all make for great black-and-white decor flourishes.

Accessories can continue the black-and-white decor theme in your bathroom. Jars or cups for supplies and toiletries, baskets for linen storage, flowers, pots or vases, mirror frames and artwork are all widely available in black-and-white designs.

If your intention is to incorporate black-and-white bathroom decor features in a more subtle way, you may want to pick a few key pieces to focus on. For example, you could feature a collection of black-and-white artwork — lithographs, black-and-white photography, vintage film posters or advertisements for products from days gone by are all good options—and pair these with a select few black-and-white touches throughout the space. Items like cups, soap and lotion dispensers, tissue box covers and candles are all common choices for more subtle but still impactful thematic color decor.

Finally, you might consider adding black-and-white decor elements to the shower or tub area in the bathroom. Shampoo dispensers and soap dishes, bath accessory racks and — if you're interested in covering every detail — even the soap itself can be found in black or white.

13 Black and White Bathrooms

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