20 Brilliant Bathroom Mirror Ideas You'll Wish You Thought of Sooner

Take notes from the pros and solve common bathroom complaints with a mirror that's stylish and functional.

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June 30, 2020

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The Warm Wood Mirror

Warm up a cool white-and-marble bathroom by introducing a touch of wood. The mirror above perfectly matches the scale of the vanity and has a honey-hued finish and gorgeous wood grain that lend an organic element to the setting. And thanks to the mirror's thin trim and curved edges, you don't have to compromise on the bathroom's light and airy aesthetic.

The Fun + Feminine Mirror

Turn heads in a tiny powder room with a mirror that flirts with curves and loops. By eschewing a to-be-expected square silhouette, this embellished piece feels fun and feminine, and helps soften the sharp lines of the walls and vanity. When you're recreating the look at home, take care to match the frame of your mirror to the wallpaper or tile floor, as the right finish will tie everything together.

The Barely-There Mirror

Want the light and airy look of a spa bathroom without giving up a solid wood vanity? No problem. Simply opt for fresh white mirrors that match the walls. Now that they're the same color, the pieces in this space blend right into the background and create a clear line of sight from the far wall to the freestanding tub.

The Old-Meets-New Mirror

Opposites attract, right? Generate visual interest in your bathroom by pairing a vintage tile backsplash with a modern mirror. You can make pieces from totally different eras work well in the same space by giving them some common ground, like the designers did here using golden grout.

The Textured Mirror

The best boho-chic and tropical-themed bathrooms have something in common: texture. Shake things up by swapping a smooth metal mirror for one that's crafted from rattan or carved from acacia wood. Both of these materials are au naturel, so they're exciting to admire and touch. The mirror's warm, golden hue also brightens the walls.

The Acrylic Mirror

When the wallpaper is clearly the star of the show, you need a bathroom mirror that will shine in the supporting role. Enter an acrylic mirror with gold corners. Because its trim is completely transparent, an acrylic mirror will showcase your pattern instead of concealing it. At the same time, the gold corners will prevent the piece from getting lost in an energetic look.

The Scandi-Style Mirror

Scandinavian style is simple yet so soothing. Transform your bathroom into an airy retreat by pairing a light wood vanity with two minimal mirrors. If you look closely, you'll notice that the squares above actually have slightly rounded edges; you'll want to choose something similiar for your own space, as the curves will keep the design soft and enhance the peaceful environment.

From: Bri Moysa

The Minimalist Mirror

Sometimes less is more. Let your backsplash or mosaic tile floors do the talking with a mirror that's all glass and no trim. Choose a circular shape to round out your vanity, or a square to make the space seem even more sleek and modern.

The Antique Mirror

Add history and character to a new-build bathroom using little more than an antique mirror. In this space, the dark floral wallpaper, tall sconces and glossy vanity are all relatively modern, but quickly feel as though they're from another era when finished off with the thrifted gold mirror. In turn, the powder room goes from "fresh" to "Gothic romance."

The Multi-Purpose Mirror

When your bathroom is short on space, a multi-purpose mirror is pretty much essential. Skip the obtrusive medicine cabinet and snag something sleek with a built-in shelf. In this space, the owners can use their mirror to hold candles and plants or even hand soap and hygiene products, in lieu of a traditional vanity.

The Intentionally Tapered Mirror

Keep all eyes on your colorful wallpaper or tile backsplash with a tapered mirror like this. Because the piece is so top-heavy, it pulls the eye up and puts the attention on the kaleidoscope of book covers behind it. Two thin brass sconces do their part, too, by being raised slightly higher than eye-level.

The Kid-Friendly Mirror

Let your little ones see themselves clearly with a bathroom mirror that's actually at their eye level. An oversized solution like this is perfect for a kids' bathroom because it hangs lower to the floor and catches all the light, making the tight quarters seem miraculously larger and brighter.

The Full-Length Leaning Mirror

Get a good look at your outfit of the day and give your bathroom a laid-back sense of style with a full-length leaning mirror. Now that it's not on the wall, this piece can be layered with plants, stools and other accents. It's also easy to set up and move around, should you want to change the space later on.

The Pop-of-Color Mirror

A bathroom mirror that doubles as a pop of color? Yes, please! Easily enliven a Plain-Jane powder room or kids' bath (read: without repainting or repapering) by opting for a colorful mirror. This jade green one creates a fun contrast to the coral sink.

The Window-in-the-Middle Mirrors

Don't let a large window cramp your style. If you can't hang anything directly above your double vanity, simply relocate your mirrors to the side like so. Now that they're facing each other, these twin treasures beautifully reflect the light that's coming in, almost like portholes in a ship, while still giving the owners their own space to get ready in the morning. Plus, their rope trim perfectly complements the bathroom's nautical theme.

The Round Hanging Mirror

Hanging mirrors have such a calming presence, particularly in smaller bathrooms. Help your space feel tranquil by placing one of these over the vanity, where its curves will complement the basin sink and its straps will lift the eye and elongate the setting. You can even use the mirror's frame to inform the color of your sconces, towel rack and fixtures, for maximum cohesion.

The Masculine Farmhouse Mirror

Make your modern farmhouse bathroom feel a little more masculine with a pair of handsome, pitch-black mirrors. Thanks to their thick frames and dark hues, these twin reflectors add definition to the wood-paneled walls and hold their own against the solid wood vanity below. To prevent them from overpowering the room, simply offset the mirrors with glass-blown fixtures and light flooring.

The Glamorous Gold Mirror

Pro Tip: Gold mirrors are virtually guaranteed to make your space look glamorous. Give a dated bathroom a modern makeover by outfitting a double vanity with two gilded, geometric mirrors like so. The oversized octagons would be eye-catching enough on their own, but when paired with the diamond wallpaper, they take the space to a luxe Gatsby level.

Mirror Gallery Wall

If traditional is so not your style, then take cues from this guest bath and transform several mini mirrors into an avant-garde gallery wall. Each of the 18 accent mirrors above were thrifted from a flea market and spray-painted white (except for one!) to create uniformity and cohesion. When stacked, the individual pieces of glass give the illusion of one large mirror. It's easy to execute and budget-friendly, too.

The Art Lover's Mirror

To paraphrase a certain song from the '60s, it's your bathroom and you can decorate how you want to. If your personality is pretty playful, feel free to surprise guests by swapping a traditional mirror with something fun and unexpected, like this paw-sitively hilarious print featuring a dog underwater.