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25 Ways to Decorate With Mirrors

This tried-and-true accessory has never steered us wrong. Use mirrors to reflect your style, bounce light around a room and instantly make a space feel larger. Here's how.

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Reflect Your Style

Though functional in nature, mirrors can (and should!) be fun. Use them to glam-up a boring wall, open up a small room, reflect natural light — the design opportunities are plentiful. Ahead, we have some of our favorite mirror decorating ideas. For a preview, just check out this layered look by homeowner Kylie Truman.

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Photo: Jess Isaac. From: Barbie Palomino.

Hang a Mirror In Your Entry

Greet guests with a familiar face (theirs!), and give yourself a spot for a once-over before you walk out the door. A small mirror over a table will do the trick, but if you have the space, go for a full-length stunner to get a glance at your whole outfit. Here, shape, color and size give a foyer mirror an art-like look.

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Photo: Erin Kelly

Add Interest to an Awkward Space

Ho-hum stretches of wall or odd pass-through spaces can leave us feeling stumped. Spice up a bare hallway, the empty space above your stove or the lone wall in your living room with an ultra-reflective mirror. Fit it to the size of your space (or hang it above a table or credenza). Instant desolate-to-designer.

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Photo: Jim Westphalen, Architect: Charles R. Myers & Partners, Builder: McGray & Nichols. From: Kate Maloney Interior Design.

Float Mirrors Off Windows

Don't let a window stand in the way of great design. Here, a vanity featuring a trough sink runs under expansive windows. Frosted panes provide privacy, while a pair of sleek mirrors reflect all the light (and create an extra-functional spot for your morning routine).

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