15 Rooms That Prove Round Mirrors Are a Must-Have

Round mirrors have rolled in, and they’re here to stay. Why are they so popular, and how can you use them in your home? We’ve got answers.

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December 12, 2017

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Soft But Mighty

"Mirrors are an alternative to art, and adding the round shape creates a bit of softness. That’s why I think they’re having a moment," says Jesse DeSanti, principal designer of Jette Creative. Jesse says the mirror selection for this living room took careful consideration. "We wanted something grand to grab your attention but not compete with the other pieces in the room. A large mirror does that because it tends to reflect the other pieces in the space, especially light. It allows you to see the adjacent elements and windows," she explains. "The round shape was chosen because, although the furnishings are soft, they’re linear and have clean, straight lines. Adding the roundness makes a harder, colder material feel soft."

Paneling’s Prettiest Pairing

A small, round mirror proves the perfect choice for this farmhouse-style powder room. A rectangular or square shape would fight with the lines of the wide-plank paneling, but the circular selection is completely unobtrusive to the design. The sink mimics the shape of the mirror, adding a pleasing dose of symmetry to the space.

Architecture on Display

"Round mirrors act as a focal point in a room and are especially effective in spaces that don't have square ceilings," says Lauren Geremia, principal designer of Geremia Design. "Positioned strategically, they can highlight unusual angles and draw attention to interesting architectural features," she adds. Take a cue from her stunning bedroom design, and try a round mirror in a room with an eye-catching ceiling.

Balancing Act

Circular mirrors can help achieve balance in a space that’s mixing multiple shapes and design styles. The mirror in this living room is modern in design but soft in shape. This helps to mesh the angular, clean-lined sofa with the round, hand-carved side table.

Anchor of the Entry

"In this entryway, the silhouette of the round mirror serves as an anchor and focal point against the horizontal tongue-and-groove paneling and linear console table," says interior designer Regan Baker. Regan strategically uses round mirrors in many of her designs to offset rooms’ right angles. "The structure of a room is typically made up of straight lines and 90-degree angles, and round mirrors are a great way to add contrast and visual interest," she says.

Modest Sidekick

Sometimes the round mirror is the star of the show, and other times the round mirror is happy to take the backseat. A simple, clean design allows the small mirror in this contemporary bathroom to excel at the latter. The circle fits neatly in the bathroom’s tight corner and keeps all the attention on the geometric tile floor.

Master of Versatility

One of the round mirror’s most noteworthy characteristics is its ability to blend effortlessly with countless design styles. In this case, the mirror complements the room’s midcentury aesthetic, but it also works well with modern, contemporary, transitional, Southwestern, farmhouse, Scandinavian and eclectic interiors.

The Perfect Mantel Mate

The mantel: typically a clean, sharp line with a glaring, blank wall above it. This is where the soft, graceful, round mirror comes into play, fulfilling everything you ever needed in your living room. More light? Check. Illusion of more space? Check. Balance? Check. Continuity? Check. An alternative to mounting your big, ugly TV above the fireplace? Check. Need I say more?

Nursery Nuance

That’s right — round mirrors aren’t just for the big kids. In this nursery, the mirror helps balance the whimsical wallpaper with its sleek design. It also helps brighten the space by reflecting light throughout the room. Mirrors are a great option for rooms with busy wallpaper, where artwork would feel much too overwhelming.

So Fresh + So Clean

"The round mirror is a great way to escape the traditional bathroom rectangle look," says interior designer Shannon McLaren Wilkins of PRAIRIE. "This bathroom in particular was for a girl's room, so we wanted it to feel fresh and feminine without going too far." Shannon says a mirror’s frame can also impact its effect on a space. Here, the wood grounds the room and adds warmth.

From: Prairie

Curvy Contrast

If you’re all about a high-contrast design a la black-and-white interiors, it’s time to embrace contrasting shapes just as readily as you’ve embraced contrasting colors. Case in point? This stunning living room vignette, which juxtaposes inky black with natural wood and harsh lines with soft curves. The round beauty delivers, again.

Bye-Bye, Boring

Still not on board? Interior designer Corine Maggio offers a practical explanation for naysayers. "Our houses are full of right angles, especially on the vertical plane. Walls, doors, windows, pictures frames, etc. all contribute to make our homes quite angular from our viewpoint, so round mirrors really break up that monotony and add some movement," she says. This bathroom is a terrific example — the mirrors dramatically soften the space’s severe architectural lines.

A Touch of Luxe

An oversized mirror is an instant way to make a bathroom feel luxurious and spa-like. The round variety pairs beautifully with sleek, floating vanities to create a modern, minimalist vibe. Faux-fur rugs offer a splash of warmth and comfort in this bathroom.

Dynamic + Daring

Design an entry that truly wows guests by daring to be different. Take a cue from this gorgeous foyer, and layer a round mirror with a variety of interesting textures and shapes. Get creative when hanging your circular stunner, and experiment with methods that feel out of the ordinary.

Small Space Ace

For all you folks with teeny-tiny powder rooms, say hello to your new best friend. Small, round mirrors are perfect for tight quarters. Pair your mirror with a space-saving light fixture to keep the overall design open and uncluttered.

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