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Low-Cost, High-Impact Fireplace Remodel

A mix of do-it-yourself elements, custom fabrication and reclaimed materials turns a lackluster fireplace surround into a rustic, refined focal point.
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High-Low Fireplace Redo

To splurge and save for this fireplace remodel, the demolition and the barn siding were tackled do-it-yourself style, while the steel floating mantel was custom made by a high-end fabricator.

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Contractor-Grade Millwork

Before the remodel, the fireplace surround was contractor-grade and lacking in personality. Its black stone facade and hearth were in excellent condition, so they were left as is.

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Protecting the Hearth

A full-wall fireplace surround update can become very costly in regard to labor. When a hearth is in good condition, it's best to keep it and work it into the new design. To ensure the hearth remains unharmed during the remodel, protect it with heavy-duty drop cloths and/or furniture blankets.

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Scoring the Caulk

One of the easiest tasks involved in demolishing an existing fireplace surround is scoring the caulk around the edges with a sharp utility knife. Place the knife in the center of the bead of caulk, then press down and drag it from one end to the other. Once all caulk has been scored, lightly pull the surround away from the wall to loosen it.

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