Laundry Room Sinks

Add more functionality to your laundry space by choosing from a wide range of sinks.



Even in utilitarian spaces, attention to detail is considered. Mission-style maple cabinetry by Wellborn, finished in a subtle shade of evergreen java, makes a style statement in the space.

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If you have the space, installing a sink in your laundry room can add convenience for hand-washing clothes, treating stains, watering plants, cleaning up after crafts—even washing your pets. Choices range from a simple utility sink to custom cabinets with a state-of-the-art sink and faucet.

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The simplest laundry room sinks are standalone, floor-mounted utility sinks. You can find them in metal, acrylic, plastic or compression-molded stone. A utility sink may have one or two bowls, and prices range from about $50 to several hundred dollars. If you want a more decorative look but have a small budget, you can attach fabric to the side edge of a utility sink to hide items underneath and add style to your laundry room. If you have the budget for it, there are galvanized metal utility sinks that are just as beautiful as any porcelain sink.

If you want (and have room for) some counter space and cabinet storage, you can install cabinets with a sink. Choices range from stock cabinets with a laminate countertop to custom cabinets with granite counters. Under-sink storage is a blessing in small laundry rooms, offering a place to store cleaning supplies and garden tools. If possible, install your sink toward either the left or right of the countertop instead of in the center; this will help you maximize space available for folding your laundry. If you're limited on space, you can install a laundry sink vanity, which has a deeper sink than a bathroom vanity.

A vintage-style deep sink is a blessing when hand-washing garments, and a double-bowl sink will allow you to hand-wash and treat stains on garments of more than one color at a time. If you need extra space for folding clothes or potting plants, you can have a cover over your sink to provide a flat work surface.

You can also choose a sink that will add character to your laundry room. Try a galvanized metal washtub retrofitted on a countertop. Or mount a sturdy metal bucket to a wall that has plumbing. A farmhouse sink is a good choice if you like a country look. A deep stone bowl sink sitting atop a counter will create a contemporary look.

If you have the space and have pets, a dog wash is a great addition to a laundry room. You can purchase and install a single unit, or hire a professional to install a custom tile shower that will be slightly raised from the floor, making it easier on your back when you wash your furry friends.

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