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10 Ways to Sneak Exercise Into Your Day

Squeeze in more exercise without interrupting your busy schedule.

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Watch Your Favorites During Workouts

True, some experts say that workouts are optimized when we don't multitask. But if watching your favorite show on your tablet means you'll spend more minutes on the treadmill, that's a tradeoff that pays off.

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Commute to Work

You have to take the trip to work anyway, so this time is as free as it comes. If the weather works with you, try biking or walking part of the way.

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Set the Alarm Early

Set your alarm just 15 minutes early to do some stretches and light cardio before your morning shower. Do them regularly, and you'll see a difference in days.

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Get Rid of Time Wasters

An app like Caato Time Tracker tells you exactly where your time is going and makes it easy to get rid of time wasters. Turn it off anytime you stop working, and you may find yourself getting much more efficient.

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