Manly Home Gyms

Some men need a fun space to get exercise and stay fit. Check out these photos of manly home gyms to get inspiration for your home.

Fully Equipped Gym

RMS user FrustratedArchitect wanted to look forward to working out, so he remodeled his basement into a fully equipped home gym. The rubber mat flooring and large mirrors were purchased from local retailers and make you forget you're exercising at home.

Exercise Addict Gym

This home gym is perfect for the exercise-loving man in your home. He can get some cardio on the treadmill or punch it out with the various boxing equipment.

The Right Layout

Figuring out the perfect layout was key when RMS user eeejay8 designed this home gym. The small space meant having to lay out all the equipment perfectly. The lighting, boxing equipment and rubber flooring make this a man's dream home gym.

Man Cave Gym

RMS user elenaa96 didn't just want a nicely equipped gym, but also wanted a sports-themed room. The Indianapolis Colts-themed gym is a great way to show spirit while getting fit.

The Sewer Home Gym

This big home gym fits all kinds of equipment in it. RMS user mczack_10475994 nicknamed this gym The Sewer, which is filled with various exercise activities anybody would enjoy.

Football Training Room

RMS user rayhouse419 turned this home gym into a place any Steelers Fan would love. All the memorabilia combined with the exercise equipment makes this space like a football training room.

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