Case Study: An Efficient Linen Closet

Smart storage strategies transformed a linen closet nightmare into organized dream space.
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A Closet Catastrophe

Space wasn't an issue in this linen closet. There was ample storage, but the shelves weren't adjustable and the top shelf wasn't recessed, so it was hard to reach high items.

Lost in the Linens

The homeowners, Laura Baer and Mike Levine, had a collection of towels and linens that hadn't been culled in years and was overflowing the shelves. Smaller items like toilet paper or bath essentials were lost amongst the linens.

Optimal Organization

After paring the sheet and towel collection to the essentials, the homeowners intalled a new shelving system to organize the existing space more effectively. By creating four cubby-like compartments at eye level, adding a slide-out basket for small items, and installing a recessed top shelf for easier access, the homeowners had reached closet Nirvana.

Stacking Solutions

Before refilling the closet, the homeowners folded each set of sheets inside a matching pillowcase, creating neat packages that stack easily on the shelves.

A Place for Everything

Hooks mounted at eye level on either side of the closet make the most of vertical wall space. One hook holds a loofah, and the other hook holds an extra bathrobe for guests.

Storage Options

A stainless-steel basket mounted to the bottom of one shelf pulls out for better visibility. The basket is used for hand towels and guest soaps, but it's the perfect spot for items like first aid supplies or travel-sized toiletries.

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