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Handsome Walk-In Closet

Brian Patrick Flynn updates his walk-in closet after reconfiguring the doorway.
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Organized Design

To make the most of his walk-in closet, Brian Patrick Flynn created three zones: a floor-to-ceiling cubby for neck ties, vertical space with drawers for accessories and open storage, and an entire wall dedicated to double hanging rods.

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Envisioning the Remodel

Prior to the remodel, there was no place within the master bedroom to house a dresser and a TV. Flynn decided to close off the existing closet door and create an opening between the master bathroom and the walk-in closet.

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Finished Result

Now a low-profile dresser and flat screen TV sit in front of the old closet entrance.

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Compartmentalized Storage

An architectural cubby that runs the height of the closet was built to organize neck ties.

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