8 Must-Have Garage Accessories

Declutter your garage with the latest organizing products.
By: Kim Hildenbrand

Photo By: Photographer:Manish Sood

Photo By: Photographer:Manish Sood

Storage, Stacked

Want to corral clutter in the garage? Stylish and simple stacking boxes are a great option for holding craft items, small sports gear and more. This one features erasable label tags so you can easily move your belongings as needed. Photo courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Recycling Bin

Don’t let jars, cans and bottles take over the garage. Sort your recyclables in sleek style with a handy bin. The lid fits securely and the bin is suitable even for damp spaces. Photo courtesy of IKEA

Bike Parking

Get bulky bicycles off the floor with a specially designed wall-mounted rack. This one holds up to six adult-size bicycles (of virtually any size or shape) in only four feet of wall space. Rubber-coated hooks protect rims. The unit is quick to install and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Photo courtesy of Monkey Bar Storage


Photo courtesy of Monkey Bar Storage

Cool as School

Want the coolest garage on the block? Give the kids their own lockers for sports gear, toys, games and more. These durable steel units come in 17 color options and include a locking handle and number plate. They come already assembled (except for hooks, handles, and number plates). Photo courtesy of Edsal Sandusky Corp.


Photo courtesy of Edsal Sandusky Corp.


Photo courtesy of Edsal Sandusky Corp.


Photo courtesy of Edsal Sandusky Corp.

Stack Smart

Organize a variety of small items with these clever interlocking bins. They can hang on the wall, affix to pegboard or stand alone. Once stacked and interlocked, the bins stay put and their contents won’t mix or spill. Photo courtesy of Triton Products


Photo courtesy of Triton Products


Photo courtesy of Triton Products

Sporty Storage

Corral basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs and footballs with this clever holder. It keeps balls safe and clean while lending an artful touch to garage walls. Photo courtesy of Ball Claw

Clear View

Want to cut clutter? These transparent boxes ensure small items are easy to locate and safe from dust and pets. The modular containers stack securely and they won’t break. Each one features an easy-open locking lid. Photo courtesy of The Container Store

Bench Storage

Need a spot to get the kids ready for outdoor play, lace up for your morning jog or stow your work boots after a long day? The Geneva storage activity bench pulls double duty: seating and organization. The lid opens easily and a basket holds shoes, balls, bats and more. The unit locks if necessary. Photo courtesy of Geneva

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