Bathroom Shower Fixtures

From spa-like rain showerheads to water-saving models, take a look at the wide range of shower fixtures available for your bathroom remodel.

Photo By: Kohler

Photo By: Kohler

Photo By: Moen

Photo By: Novellini

Adjustable Showerhead

The Stance showerhead by Kohler is an expression of contemporary design with its strong architectural lines. It offers substantial coverage and a swivel head that can be adjusted for individual bathers.

Eco-Friendly Showerhead

With three spray settings, the Envi Eco-Performance showerhead by Moen is a water-efficient option. It optimizes flow while using up to 30 percent less water than the industry standard of 2.5 gallons per minute.

Water-Saving Showerhead

The Sava Spa showerhead by Niagara Conservation saves water while offering a luxurious look. This showerhead features an oversized sprayhead for extra-wide coverage, but it also has a pressure compensator that ensures a consistent flow to save water.

Flipside Showerhead

The Flipside hand shower by Kohler offers four unique spray options, which can be easily selected by flipping the sprayface on its axis. With options ranging from a soft downpour to a targeted massage, every bather can find a shower experience that fits his or her preferences.

Rain Showerhead

The Raincan showerhead by Delta is an affordable yet luxurious option for the bathroom. Its contemporary design features an 8-inch spray face, providing the feeling of bathing in a rain shower.

Luxurious Conservation

You don’t have to give up luxury to save water. The Tri-Max showerhead by Niagara Conservation uses up to 40 percent less water than typical "low-flow" showerheads, while still providing three adjustable spray settings.

Spa-Like Shower

This vertical spa shower by Moen has a rain showerhead, a hand shower and four wall-mounted sprays to offer the ultimate spa experience.

Hand Shower

This hand shower is part of a state-of-the-art shower series by Novellini Design, which includes a full-body hydro shower massage system with eight jets, a rain showerhead, soap holder and shower tray.

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