25 Chic Ways to Display House Numbers

Mark your territory, in style.

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Swanky Succulents

This wall-planter works double time displaying succulents and shrubs, as well as a sleek set of house numbers for this modern home. We consider this a must-steal idea if you have an entrance gate on your property.

Moss-Covered House Numbers

Add colorful, organic curb appeal with house numbers made from pressure-treated plywood and sheet moss. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Pretty-Up a Planter

Add pride to your porch with a colorful, DIY planter box to display your house numbers! Pick from any color of the rainbow and pair with a set of metallic numbers. This eye-catching cranberry color is simply delicious. Learn how to make this vibrant planter >>

Custom Conductor

Sometimes, small touches leave the biggest impact on design. Example: this custom conductor head on a gutter downspout. It works twice as hard, displaying the home's address and providing a stylish nod to the home's Tudor Revival style.

Outdoor Pillow

Add an extra dose of lovely function to your front porch lounge space by stenciling house numbers onto plain outdoor pillows.

Sleek + Chic

Simple, yet sophisticated — this inky address is what dreams are made of. Poised beneath a glossy black sconce, the homeowners ensure that their address will standout both night and day.

Gorgeous Functionality

Take your house numbers to the next level with modern planters that pack major curb appeal. Make your own >>

Bark-ing Beauties

If large trees hide your home from the road, make it easy on your mail man by hanging weather-proof house numbers from the trunk of the tree closest to the road. Learn how to make and hang these stylish numbers >>

Put Your House in Lights

Be the brightest house on the block with fresh, fun neon address numbers like the ones featured here, from HGTV Smart Home 2015. Not only do they make a bold, stylish statement but you can rest assured that guests will always find their way to the front door. Win-win.

Etched Elegance

This house number display is as sweet as can be! A muted lavender paint makes for an ultra-feminine frame, surrounding an elegant, frosted glass panel. The vertical numbers are etched into the glass and flanked by a sleek, stripe design that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Style the Shrubs

Join us in taking notes from house number 3468. We’re swooning over the mod, metal digits rising above the simple garden shrubs. Two words: curb. appeal.

Go Classic

You can't go wrong with these classic, brass beauties. Try this approach for house numbers for your traditional, contemporary, colonial or craftsman-style home. Learn how to make this inexpensive number display >>

Dangling Digits

If you have a vibrant front door, let it be the star of the show! Rather than distract from the door by planting your address in the middle, opt to hang individual numbers from above. The dangling digits will create a darling doorstep!

Complementary Contrast

Why play it safe when you can color outside the lines and get such stylish results? We swoon over the bold contrast between this aged brick wall and its partnering, electric green number inset. This is address will most certainly fail to be overlooked.

Whimsical Welcome

Ah, house number magic! This home appears to be straight from a storybook, don’t you think? We’re wild about the whimsical, curlicue number display paired with a cheery, periwinkle door in this Mediterranean home.

Floating Garden

This removable, floating planter is perfect for apartment-dwellers and plant-lovers everywhere. The light gray hue allows the lush plants and graphic numbers to stand out while looking so, so stylish. (Don’t have a green thumb? Stick some falsies in there and no one will ever know!) Make your own >>

The Bigger, The Better

Make a big, bold statement via oversized house numbers and prepare to be flooded with neighbor admiration. This silver set screams chic and totally rounds out the design of its charming, monochromatic home.

Spell It Out

Rather than use all digits, opt to spell out one of the numbers in your address instead. This unique approach is sure to set your home apart — just don’t be surprised when your neighbors start to follow suit. Remember: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, friends!

Sharp + Simple

The crisp, clean lines and soft metallic finish of these silver numbers are just the ticket to add a modern touch to any home. You can achieve a similar, stylish effect by mounting them on fresh painted brick, as seen here, or simply securing them to your front door.

Turn Traditional

Traditional and timeless — we have a soft spot for gleaming brass numbers and a matching, shiny door knob. Recreate this long-loved, polished look by fastening metallic digits to your front door that match the rest of the door hardware.

Vertical Vibes

Shake things up and break away from the norm — display your home numbers vertically alongside the front door. http://www.loveneat.com/

In the Weeds

Be cognizant of the exterior design style of your home when considering your house number display. This contemporary home oozes curb appeal with a little help from its garden design and matching, contemporary number display.

Freshen Up

This contemporary wooden wall wows guests, displaying swanky silver numbers for a beautiful contrast to the Mediterranean home within. Let this inspire you to use up-to-date hardware and finishes, to update your home for a fresh, timely appearance.

Color Coordinate

Copy this handsome home with house numbers that coordinate with the color of your front door. The smoky gray door and matching address numbers seen here perfectly compliment the crisp, white exterior of this glamorous home.

From: Lara Fishman

Welcome Wall

The address numbers on this home are sleek, metallic in design and serve as perfect reflections of the modern exterior waiting on the other side of a warm, wood wall.

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