20 Items We'd Buy If We Won the Lottery Today

Money can't buy happiness — but it makes feathering one's nest and throwing Great-Gatsby-level parties significantly easier. If we happened to pick the winning numbers, these are the winning numbers we'd pick next. Feel free to steal our ideas (and invite us over).

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Photo By: Matthew Savins

Voltage Tester Bar

A quirky entertaining accessory is the perfect piece with which to say, While I'm probably not insane, can you know for sure? Cast from an industrial light-bulb-testing machine that dates back to the 1920s, this iron bar cart hinges open to reveal spirits and glassware. Whether or not you reveal plans for world domination over cocktails is up to you. BUY IT: $1,675, restorationhardware.com

Elegance Champagne Classic Flute Set

Plastic party cups and mismatched novelty glasses have an undeniably nostalgic je ne sais quoi. That said, truly old-school (and well-heeled) hosts turn to Waterford, which has been producing drinkware for more than three centuries — and when an errant elbow sends a crystal flute or two crashing to the floor, they don't have to bat an eyelash. BUY IT: $175, waterford.com

Helios Heated Love Chair

Immense wealth means never having to suffer the plebeian indignity of chilly thighs in the garden. The first-of-their-kind electrical components tucked into this modern lounger's core provide a gentle hug of radiant heat, and its smooth stone-and-steel exterior is impossibly cool. BUY IT: $4,200 and up, thefutureperfect.com

Yacht Float

Pool shopping (and yacht shopping) involve intensely personal decision, but it goes without saying that every pool needs a yacht. If you suspect we're about to tell you how to fill the double-reinforced cooler and drink holders nestled above this nine-foot luxury inflatable's daybed-for-two, you are...right. BUY IT: $128, funboy.com

Dom Pérignon 1-Hour Delivery Service

The folks at Dom Pérignon have partnered with Thirstie to deliver chilled bottles of their Vintage 2006 and P2 1998 champagne poolside in select cities such as New York and Miami, and they plan to expand their reach. Consider it an act of community service to put your neighborhood on their radar. BUY IT: about $200, domperignon.com

Classic XL 600-Bottle Wine Cellar

While lickety-split champagne delivery is a fine thing, it's important to have supplies on hand for even more spontaneous celebration. This climate-controlled free-standing cabinet — ideal for oenophiles who love Bordeaux, California reds and pinot noirs — holds 254 bottles when its shelves are in place, and it can accommodate up to 600 bottles when your collection starts to get serious. BUY IT: $4500, wineenthusiast.com

Keith Body Sheet

Some would say it's practical to keep the fancy towels in the master bathroom and dry off on the patio with humbler stuff. We call that a failure of imagination. Break out the Missoni al fresco. BUY IT: $160, neimanmarcus.com

Oracle Touch Espresso Maker

You have to get up pret-ty early in the morning to spend windfall millions with gusto, which is where what Business Insider called "the Ferrari of home coffee makers" comes in. This fully-automated home barista serves up quaint-cafe-quality coffee at the touch of a button, and when your newfound leisure time allows you to dream up new drinks, it will save and replicate those, too. BUY IT: $2,500, surlatable.com

Alltec 132"x140" Inflatable Outdoor Projection Screen

How better to celebrate achieving Citizen-Kane-like wealth than by inviting your 50 closest friends over for a Citizen Kane screening on your sprawling lawn? Pro tip #1: Don't be shy about calling those Missoni towels into action for movie picnics, too. Pro tip #2: You should probably offer guests some next-level popcorn. Click ahead for our thoughts on that. BUY IT: $2,600, projectorscreenstore.com

Fresh White Truffles

According to the James Beard Foundation, you can make great truffled popcorn with butter, truffle oil, Parmesan, parsley, salt and sugar. You can make the greatest truffled popcorn of all time by asking the gourmets at Urbani to scour the woods for fresh white truffles, which they will send from Italy via overnight mail just in time to grate over your movie snack. BUY IT: $1,090, urbani.com

Riviera Collection Sheet Set

When Citizen Kane is over and the hour grows late, it's time to make like monarchs and guests at the world's finest hotels and curl up with Frette, whose luxury-bedding craftspeople have also outfitted the Vatican, St. Peter's Basilica and the Orient Express. As the experts know, the secret to truly decadent bedding isn't high thread count, but exceptionally high-quality cotton — and the sort of painstaking fabric-treatment processes one develops when queen and king sheet sets are actually destined for kings and queens. BUY IT: $3,150, frette.com

Rolling Library Ladder Kit

A rolling ladder for the three-story mahogany-paneled library in one's new mansion is the sort of thing one has to commission on a case-by-case basis, of course. A rolling ladder like this, in turn, is just the thing to buy in bulk for one's multiple walk-in sock closets. BUY IT: $1,125 and up, stairwayshop.com

Dual Zone Swim Spa Hot Tub

This massive, handsome structure’s turbo jets provide enough current for everything from water jogging to a hard swim, and its adjacent hydrotherapy hot tub features a jet-intensive captain’s seat. If you install one of these on your roof, you’ll have an ideal spot from which to enjoy a hydrotherapy massage while watching landscapers build another pool and spa in your yard. BUY IT: $15,999 and up, integrityspas.com

Grandview Barrel Sauna

Private saunas are comparatively few and far between outside of Scandinavia, but doing all of one’s sweating in public is so inelegant. The Grandview Sauna comes standard with a heater from Harvia in Finland (and can be upgraded to a wood-burning stove with chimney) and is crafted from Nordic spruce and rustic or clear western red cedar, depending on the sort of aesthetic experience you’d like to pair with your pore-opening. BUY IT: $5,999, almostheaven.com

Brass & Glass Teardrop Chandelier

Chandelier selection is serious business, and it’s best to get one’s sea legs with simple pieces before moving to the multi-tiered, foot-of-the-grand-staircase stuff. This low-key fixture’s brass branches and hand-blown glass teardrops are just right for, say, hanging above a soaking tub, no? BUY IT: $3,900, horchow.com

Enchanted Forest Canopy Bed

Real talk: You can buy four-poster and canopy beds all over the place these days, and in and of themselves they are not especially exciting. This canopy bed — hand-forged in iron by American blacksmiths — is straight from the pages of a storybook, and most likely capable of taking flight from a bedroom window in the middle of the night. If this concerns you, you can request a chandelier. (We gave you fair warning that you’d be accumulating chandeliers.) BUY IT: $4,500 and up, stonecountyironworks.com

Third Rock Fire Pit Art

As Michael Caine notes (as Alfred) in The Dark Knight, "some men just want to watch the world burn." As previously noted, it’s worth considering slightly-loony style every now and again when spreading one’s winnings around — and while we would never suggest burning money, we appreciate this flaming globe’s melodrama. BUY IT: $1,570, firepitart.com

Danner Curved Sectional

Style-conscious hosts can accommodate large parties without wandering into the sectional doldrums thanks to Jonathan Adler, whose graceful tuxedo-back offering forms an arc that’s nearly 12 feet long. Available in 21 fabrics and 10 base finishes, it’s also an intriguing foundation for an oversized conversation pit. How many sets are you willing to buy? BUY IT: $9,200, jonathanadler.com

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

This classic piece has been in constant production since Charles and Ray Eames designed it for Herman Miller in 1956 — and today it's one of the most recognizable furniture designs of all time. The recliner enthusiasts and gamers in your life are about to get fancy. BUY IT: $4,960, store.hermanmiller.com

Taliesin 3 Table Lamp

Stumped for inspiration on the high-concept digs you now have the funds to build? Get in the mood with the table lamp Frank Lloyd Wright designed for use at his own property. A wealthy Wright enthusiast, in turn, could place one on every table he or she owns, and why not? At the end of the day, one should go big when one goes home. BUY IT: $1,400, stardust.com

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