Master Retreats: Stylish Suite With Metallic Accents

This master suite by 27 Diamonds Interior Design is as sophisticated as they come thanks to timeless neutral color palette, teal accents and a statement light fixture. An espresso headboard brings a dose of drama to the design, but its the metallic wallpaper and silver nightstands that really shine.

Photo By: Julia Sperling

Photo By: Julia Sperling

Photo By: Julia Sperling

Photo By: Julia Sperling

Photo By: Julia Sperling

Photo By: Julia Sperling

Photo By: Julia Sperling

Photo By: Julia Sperling

Metallic Sheen & Notes of Teal

A room that went from being outdated and drab, with a full wall of mirrors and no discernable theme, to the masterpiece you see today. The metallic wallpaper on the statement wall behind the bed reflects light around the room, so deep color in that the headboard doesn’t seem overbearing – instead it feels regal. The teal color in the pillows ties in with the artwork, and brings a sense of levity to this sophisticated space.

Custom Headboard and Pillows

The headboard and pillows are custom upholstered with fabrics that were carefully selected to create a modern twist on this rustic retreat – and the metallic wallpaper behind is a dark but reflective statement, which plays with the light in the room, without taking away from the regal style.

Mix of Rustic and Modern

The rustic and modern tastes of this client were perfectly embodied in this photo; the natural rock shape of the lamp juxtaposed with the metallic color is a treat for the eye. The dark custom upholstery on the headboard also contrasts beautifully with the metallic sheen of the wallpaper is rests against.

Rustic Meets Modern

A dark headboard rests against a metallic statement wall that draws the eye while simultaneously bounces light around the room – adding levity and a modern atmosphere to this rustic inspired retreat. The exposed-bulb lighting above ties the room together and completes the rustic feel.

A Pop of Teal

The espresso color of this custom upholstered headboard and faux-ebony veneer of the nightstands creates a striking contrast against the metallic sheen of the statement wallpaper, while the artwork on the wall, and teal color on the custom pillows bring a sort of levity to this chic rustic retreat.

Cool Colors and Clean Lines

This freestanding tub and glass shower sits atop this raised pebble flooring that is custom designed to create a natural flow through the room and adds dimension to this space. The cool greys and crisp whites in this bathroom create a clean, polished look.

Classy And Cool Neutral Tones

The flattering wall-sconce lighting and classy cool neutral tones throughout this bathroom take the place of the beige, pink style of yesteryear. The stunning grey wood-style laminate flooring is a stylish match with the custom cabinetry that was designed to perfectly fit this client’s needs.

Simple, Yet Sophisticated Master Bath

This bathroom was brought into the modern age with white marbled counters against grey custom cabinetry, and flattering wall-sconce lighting. The silver framing on the mirrors match the accents on the wall sconces and add sophistication and class to this master bathroom.

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