Add Playful Polka Dots on Your Ceiling

Dress up a boring white ceiling with metallic polka dots. Learn how in three steps.
By: Jen Jafarzadeh L'Italien

Photo By: Charlotte Jenks-Lewis

Personalize Your Polka Dots

The small-scale polka dots look grownup and chic, since large-scale polka dots can appear more kid-appropriate.

Materials List

For this project you'll need metallic contact paper, a large circle cutter, measuring tape and pencils.

Get Started: Cut, Measure and Apply

Decide on the size for your polka dots. Then use a large circle cutter to cut out polka dots from the contact paper.

Map Out the Polka Dots

Figure out the spacing and pattern you want for your polka dots. Measure the distance you want to create from one polka dot to the next. Use a piece of string and blue tape to map out the polka dots on the ceiling. Create tape "flags" on the string and use a pencil to mark where each polka dot will go. Simply hold up the string and make a pencil mark at each tape flag to mark the center of each polka dot. Follow the same process for the width of the ceiling.

Apply Polka Dots

Place your polka-dot decals on the pencil marks and create a grid of metallic dots on your ceiling. Peel off the back of the contact paper as you stick each polka dot onto the ceiling. Smooth with your hand.

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