10 Fun Hanukkah and Winter Crafts for Kids

Keep the kids busy with these adorable Hanukkah and winter-inspired crafts and DIYs.

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

No-Sew Snowflakes

These no-sew snowflakes are made from two pieces of felt that have been stenciled then glued together with batting inside. Perfect for little hands that are not quite sewing needle ready. Check out 10 Easy Snowflake Crafts.

Felt Board Menorah

Even the very young can participate in lighting the candles if they are made from soft felt. These removable pieces are a great interactive activity for smaller kids just learning new traditions. Check out these 10 Easy to Make and Totally Fun DIY Menorahs.

Seasonal Slime

Whip up a batch of seasonal slime in traditional Hanukah colors like blue, white or silver. Find the full instructions here.

Gather Your Gelt In Felt

Gather your gelt in style with this low-sew felt star tote. Perfect for a slightly older child learning to hand sew or easy to glue together for a younger one.

Oh What Fun

Let the kids pick out their favorite winter song lyrics and turn them into an easy DIY banner using craft store letters. Just add pompoms and polka dots.

DIY Snowman Diorama

The possibilities of a diorama are endless: snowmen, snowflakes and dreidels are just the tip of the crafty iceberg on what you can glue inside a jar.

Fun Ways With Clay

Air-dry clay is always a fun medium for kids of all ages. Roll out the clay and cut with ornament-shaped cookie cutters. Allow to dry up to 24 hours then embellish and display.

Straw Stars

Paper drinking straws are perfect for crafting. They are cheap, easily accessible and can be made into almost anything including a star of David or snowflakes.

Melted Crayon Lantern

While the adults are lighting candles each night, let the kids make their own lanterns. Crayon shavings are melted with a low-heat iron between two sheets of wax paper and then framed with popsicle sticks. Then add an LED candle.

Snow Topped Magazine Tree

Recycled magazine trees are a classic children’s craft. Fold pages, paint a wintery blue and add a touch of glitter to the top for snow.

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