Handmade Gifts for Any Milestone

Make a gift from the heart to help celebrate loved ones' milestones.

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Sweet 16: Personalized Key Chain

Turning 16 means having a new-found freedom. To celebrate, give them something to go along with their new set of keys like a personalized key chain. Get the full instructions here>>

Graduation: A Bottle Full of Cash

What does a new grad want more than cold, hard cash? Add a little fun by placing the cash inside a personalized wine bottle the graduate will have to smash to get to. To make, roll up bills in different denominations that total the amount of money you want to gift, and place in a clean, dry wine bottle. Super glue the cork back to the top. Create a label with the words "Smash for Cash" on your computer, print on sticker paper and apply on the bottle. Let the grad have fun smashing the bottle (in a safe way) to get out their gift.

Moving Away: Embroidered Map

It's bitter sweet when friends and family move away. Give them something memorable and meaningful. To make this embroidered map, print out a map on heavy cardstock that includes where they live now or their hometown and where they are moving. Use a simple straight stitch to embroider the path they are taking to their new, exciting home. A modern matte and bold frame complete the perfect piece of art for their new house.

New Job: Pay Day Kit

The first day at a new job can be stressful. Give a close friend a kit of their favorite snacks, office supplies and must-have desk accessories to make their new space feel like home. Personalize a glass jar by spelling out "here comes pay day" with letter stickers and framing it with painter's tape. Apply etching cream onto the glass inside the tape border and on top of the letters. After washing off the etching cream, peel off the stickers and the tape to reveal the etch.

30th Birthday: Wine Charms

Humor goes a long way on a birthday that often feels like younger days are slipping away. Keep your friend laughing with a gift set that let'€™s them know how much 30 rocks. Make a basket that includes a thumb drive of rock music and a collection of yummy rock candy. For extra humor, tell them not to whine about it with a bottle of their favorite wine and a set of DIY wine glass charms. To make, cut slices of cork and glue to plain wine charm rings. Glue patterned scrapbook paper onto the cork slice to complete.

New Home: Personalized Ornament

Purchasing a new home to create happy memories in is a milestone worth celebrating. Make a keepsake ornament with the family'€™s name stamped on it that they will treasure for years to come. Get the full instructions here>>

New Baby: Fabric Rattles

Give the new parents a set of one-of-a-kind baby rattles to celebrate their bundle of joy. Babies love contrasting colors, soft textures and interesting sounds, and these fabric rattles have all three of those elements. Get the full instructions here>>

50th Birthday: Gold Leaf Planter

The golden years should be celebrated with none other than gold gifts. Transform a plain white planter with a gold leaf accent. To make, apply gold leaf glue to the planter in your desired pattern. Let dry for a few minutes until tacky. Next, apply gold leaf sheets, and smooth with a foam brush. Fill with the recipient's favorite houseplant.

Retirement: Gift Card Set

Help the new retiree spend their free time doing things they love. Place individual gift cards in separate envelopes and glue each onto cardstock that let's the recipient know how to use each card. Whether it be to relax at the spa, eat at their favorite restaurant, try a new hobby or grab a coffee, they'll be excited to spend their free days exploring the town. Attach all cards together with a key ring.

50th Anniversary: Wood Photo Transfer

Give something sentimental for a 50th anniversary like a wood photo transfer. Surprise the recipients by placing it on their bedside table with fresh flowers, a sweet card and gold accessories. Get the full instructions here>>

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