11 Creative DIY Holiday Decorations for Your Front Door

Bring holiday cheer to your doors this season with clever, outside-the-box decorations that you can make on your own.

An Artistic Holiday Approach

Interested in a more modern, artistic and architectural approach to holiday decor? Create an unexpected door hanging with an architectural ceiling medallion, spray paint and ribbon. Pick up a ceiling medallion from the hardware store, update it with glossy spray paint and adorn with seasonal embellishments. Add twine, yarn, string or ribbon to the top and attach it to your door.

Play With Your Food

Nothing says natural and organic like a wreath made from nuts. Put festive red pistachios to work this season as decoration by adding them, one at a time, to a foam wreath form using a hot glue gun. Add an extra organic layer of interest with twine or burlap embellishments.

Holiday Gift-Box Sculpture

Well-presented gifts are sure to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. Represent the excitement of the holidays right outside your front door with a wooden gift-box sculpture. Pick up several wooden boxes from the craft store, then paint them with latex paint in your desired holiday color scheme. Cluster them together with screws or small clamps, then dress them up with ribbon. Add a picture hanger to the back, then place it on an outside wall or door.

Create a Nature-Inspired Bundle

Raid your yard for pinecones and form them into a decorative hanging cluster. Gather between six and 18 pinecones and tie a ribbon at their tops. Once all ribbon is added, cluster the pinecones together neatly, then tie them all together at the top. Add a chunky ribbon or bow to conceal the tied knot, then hang on a door, in a window or even directly on the wall.

Give Scrap Wood New Life

Create a welcoming weatherproof outdoor wreath from scrap wood or shims. Simply attach pieces of wood to a wire wreath form using floral wire, then layer pieces of wood with hot glue or simple tacks. Add extra protection to the raw wood with a spray can of polyurethane or wood stain and sealer.

Frame Your Ornaments

Turn ornaments into featured artwork with a frame and ornament door hanging. Pick up several ornaments with different shapes and finishes, then attach them to the back of an empty frame using ribbon, twine or string and a staple gun. Once attached, the ornaments take on new life as subject matter for 3-D still-life art.

Use Natural Materials

Warm up your home's initial welcome with a burlap wreath. Pick up one yard of burlap, a box of pins, a basic foam wreath form and a can of spray adhesive. Bunch up the burlap into desired formation, secure to the wreath form with spray adhesive and pins, and then cover each pin with the next bunching of burlap. Cut away the excess burlap, then add another layer of ornamentation with a bow, ribbon or floral accent.

Fresh Pine Cuttings

Keep it simple and green with tree cuttings. Once your real tree is trimmed, hold on to the discarded branches. Find the perfect door, window or wall on which to display them as a grouping, then cut each branch back to the appropriate size. Use floral wire to attach each branch together, then embellish with ornaments and ribbon.

Season-to-Season Fun

Keep your decor up all year long with an interchangeable fabric wreath. These poppy creations from Etsy favorite Bopsidoodle come with removable fabric covers and pinned ornamentation which can be changed out year round to coordinate with each season.

A Sweet Use for Jellybeans

Say something sweet this season with jellybean letters. Trace letters onto cardboard to create initials or spell out a favorite word or quote. Cut them to size, then cover with jellybeans using hot glue. Hang individually as initials or group together to create phrases, names or words. Attach to a door or wall or above a window by attaching ribbon at the top.

Vertical Hanging Garland

Add holiday flair both inside and outside your windows with a fabric poinsettia window garland. Cut ribbon to the proper size of your window or blinds. Next, create fabric poinsettias by tracing leaf silhouettes onto felt and cutting each one out with scissors. Layer the leaves together with a needle and thread, then fasten a button to the center. Stitch or hot-glue each poinsettia directly to the ribbon and place along the vertical lines of the blinds for a seamless, tailored look.

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