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10 Different Ways to Decorate With Fresh Greenery

It may not always be practical to drape your home in fresh greenery during the holidays, but you can still enjoy the look and smell of seasonal cuttings with these small-scale decorating ideas.

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Picture Frame

Put a festive, holiday spin on standard picture frames by layering them with tree cuttings and holding them in place with twine, rope or ribbon.

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Mistletoe Alternative

Put a crafty spin on mistletoe by repurposing a pair of knit mittens. Attach two mittens together using twine, then gather tree cuttings and trim them appropriately to fit inside. Add a nail to the door casing and hang.

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Tree Skirt

Create a tree skirt alternative with a layer of cuttings placed on the ground in a circular shape. Since the cuttings will dry out in just a few days, this idea is best fit for entertaining purposes only.

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Rustic Vessels

Looking for more industrial holiday decor? Here, discarded soup cans were given new life as vases thanks to a coat of black spray paint. Simple cypress tree cuttings were placed inside to bring a pop of green to the rustic mantel.

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