Dress Up a Hot Cocoa Bar With Garden Greenery

The only thing better than finding the perfect Christmas tree? Coming home to a hot cocoa bar decorated with leftover tree clippings.

Create a Hot Cocoa Bar

After a long day of finding just the right Christmas tree, coming home to a hot cocoa bar is the reward for your efforts. Tuck in some greenery from your tree to remind you of the fun you just had selecting the winning tree for your home.

Create a Mini Winter Wonderland

With the addition of fresh greenery and a homemade Mason jar snow globe, you'll be bringing the beauty of the outside in while staying nice and toasty.

Find the Perfect Tree

We all have a favorite "type" of Christmas tree, don't we? Some like them tall and skinny, others like them short and plump. But whatever your preference as long as it's loved by all you can't go wrong!

Eyes Bigger Than the House!

Kids always seem to want the biggest tree on the farm and who can blame them when it stands out so majestically from the rest?

Create Christmas Tree Greenery Displays

Supplies needed: an assortment of containers in a variety of shapes and sizes. Feel free to use something out of the ordinary like a sugar and creamer set or julep cup /florist foam/clippings from your Christmas tree /moss.

Step 1: Cut Foam for Containers

Cut foam to fit into each container. 

Step 2: Poke Holes

Using a pencil, poke holes into the foam. This step will make it easier to insert your greenery into the foam and provide stability. 

Step 3: Insert Greenery

Push greenery into holes in the foam and then place moss around to disguise the foam.

Step 4: Display Your Arrangements

The combined aroma of hot cocoa and fresh greenery will have everyone in the spirit of the season.

Setting Up a Hot Cocoa Bar

It doesn't take much to create a fun and festive station for sipping hot cocoa and retelling the tales of finding the perfect tree. Hot cocoa is a must of course but putting it in a Mason jar with a decorative lid makes it extra special. 

Don't Forget Your Mittens!

A mitten garland hanging above adds a fun and whimsical touch to the hot cocoa bar.

Candy Canes Are a Must!

Stir some extra flavor into your hot cocoa with candy canes. And don't forget the marshmallows!

Create Visual Interest

Stacked cake stands become a fun and easy way to display the greenery along with festive mugs just waiting to be filled with cocoa.

Cocoa: Front and Center

Putting hot cocoa in a mason jar instantly adds charm. Take the opportunity to try out some different flavors: set out a selection of flavors featuring peppermint, salted caramel or mint chocolate truffle. Embellish the jars with homespun fabric squares to add color.

Just Add Silver

Place your hot water or milk in a silver teapot which will help it retain its heat and also add a vintage feel to the arrangement. 

But Most Important...

Sharing a cup of hot cocoa while reminiscing about your Christmas tree hunting adventures will create memories that will last a lot longer than the marshmallows sprinkled on top!

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