10 Fun Ways to Dress Up a Glass Ornament

Basic glass ornaments are the perfect blank slate to DIY this holiday season. Plus, any of these ornaments can be made in any color palette to match any holiday decor. Happy crafting!

Painted Solid

Bring a modern, colorful touch to a traditional holiday tree with candy-colored glass ornaments. Paint round, glass ornaments with matte spray paint in bright colors. Mix the ornaments into the tree limbs with colored lights for a truly festive tree theme.

Filled With Confetti

These confetti ornaments are a party for your tree, and they're a fun DIY project for the kids, too. Use store-bought confetti or have the kids punch out some colorful paper with a hole punch. Carefully fill each glass ornament with the confetti pieces. Add in a few metallic stars for extra holiday sparkle.

Gilded in Gold

Give your tree, or in this case fiddle leaf fig plant, a touch of modern sparkle with hand-painted ornaments. Apply gold gilding paint with a medium-sized brush and a light touch. Gently spread the gold paint across the ornament to create soft and beautiful brush strokes.

Magically Marbled

These beautiful glass marbled ornaments hold a secret: they're made with nail polish! To make, fill a plastic container with 5 to 6 inches of hot water, then drip nail polish on the surface of the water. As it spreads, quickly dip the glass ornament into the water. Apply as many layers of nail polish on each ornament to achieve the amount of marbling you want.

Making Memories

This project is perfect as an annual activity to do with the family. Gather small photos, ticket stubs and tiny mementos from the current year, then carefully fill the ornament with these special pieces. Finish with a tag labeled with the year. As the years go by, you’ll collect sweet memory ornaments to decorate your tree.

Freehand Designs

Add a touch of color to your tree with hand-painted ornaments using acrylic paints in contemporary holiday hues. Experiment with simple patterns, from polka dots to brushstroke stripes.

Covered in Sprinkles

This DIY project is the perfect way to use up all of your leftover sprinkles from baking holiday cookies. Spread a thick tacky glue over the part of the ornament you want covered in sprinkles. Pour all of your sprinkles into a bowl. Dip the ornament into the sprinkles, making sure to lightly push the sprinkles into the glue. These would look perfect with some candy canes and a popcorn garland.

Pouf Balls

Taking inspiration from party decor, use brightly colored tissue paper on clear glass ornaments to create this pouf ball technique. Cut tissue paper into two-inch squares, then pinch each square in the middle and attach them to the ornament with hot glue. Continue all the way around the ornament until it's completely covered. These mini poufs will make a dramatic statement on any Christmas tree.

Wrapped in Trim

After wrapping your holiday gifts with beautiful ribbons and trim, use the leftovers on your ornaments. The gifts under your tree will coordinate with the tree's trimmings!

Dripping Wax

Use any color candle, although we chose white since it looks like melting snow. Light the candle (a taper works best) and drip the melted wax onto the top of the ornament until it starts dripping down the sides. Continue to add more melted wax until the desired effect is reached. This is a DIY for adults only, as the hot wax and lit candle aren't safe for little ones.

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