Modern Wood & Glass Home

This attractive modern California home from George Bradley features a wood and glass exterior with large windows for abundant natural light and great hilltop views of nearby San Francisco.

Photo By: Sharon Risedorph

Photo By: Nic Lehoux

Photo By: Sharon Risedorph

Photo By: Sharon Risedorph

Photo By: Nic Lehoux

Photo By: Nic Lehoux

Photo By: Sharon Risedorph

Photo By: Nic Lehoux

Photo By: Nic Lehoux

Photo By: Sharon Risedorph

Photo By: Nic Lehoux

Photo By: Nic Lehoux

Photo By: Nic Lehoux

Modern Wood and Glass House in California

Wood and glass sheathe the exterior of this unique, custom home in California. Sweeping windows set into the structure's geometric facade exhibit traits of international style, while the building itself is custom-fit to its urban corner lot.

Modern California Home on Sloped Lot

This San Francisco-area street slopes down to a modern wood and glass home that's ideally suited to its site. The wood facade incorporates elements of the rugged terrain, while a stepped design takes maximum advantage of the unique lot.

Modern Wood and Glass Home in California

Tall steps lead to the front door of this modern San Francisco-area home, which is custom-fitted to its sloped urban lot. The home's wood, glass and metal facade is clean and streamlined, and broad windows offer a glimpse of the modern interior.

Modern Wood Home Embraces Natural Surroundings

This modern California home is one with its surroundings and situated to take maximum advantage of its urban lot. Wood sheathes much of the exterior, adding an earthy element to the architecture that softens its strong geometric lines.

Modern Entry of California Home

Glass, metal and wood converge in a modern way at the entry of this Northern California home. Broad windows offer a glimpse into the streamlined, modern foyer.

Minimalist Foyer Takes Advantage of Natural Light

A clean-lined console table in the entry sets the stage for the streamlined, modern aesthetic of this California home. Sheer curtains filter light and offer privacy, while expansive windows take advantage of the sweeping hilltop views.

Modern White Entryway With Partial Walls

Rich wood tones on the front door, entry console and accent wall add an earthy, organic element to this streamlined, modern space. White walls reflect light from ample tall windows. Partial walls delineate the entry while keeping the space open and airy.

Modern Stairway With Dark Accent Wall

One black wall in this sea of white turns a modern stairway into a focal point and spotlights colorful contemporary paintings. The narrow stairwell incorporates a unique coffered ceiling with integrated lighting as well as an open, slatted stair design that doesn't hide the art.

Modern Stairway With Custom Design

This modern stairway with custom rails is enclosed on one level and open on the next, forming a unique design and bringing maximum light into the home from the airy upper level. Broad windows provide both natural light and sweeping views.

Chic White Entryway With Lots of Light

Pale hardwood, sheer draperies and a translucent room divider give the open living space and entry of this California home a dreamy quality. A coffered ceiling adds interest above, while clerestory windows maximize light in the space.

Modern Living Room With Gray Accent Wall

A lone gray accent wall breaks up the white walls and windows in this stylish, modern California living room, bringing warmth to a cozy seating area. An Eames lounge chair and ottoman are placed to take advantage of the hilltop view, and colorful pillows and accent tables add punch to the space.

Modern White Foyer and Living Area

A translucent room divider, mod chandelier and whitewashed palette create a sleek backdrop for modern art and furnishings in this California hilltop home. Upstairs, huge windows offer sweeping views and bathe the space in sunlight.

Modern California Home With Wood and Glass Exterior

This modern residence is custom-fit to its unique urban lot and sited to take maximum advantage of its Northern California views. The exterior is a modern mix of wood and glass, with expansive windows that offer a dollhouse-like peek into the home's interior.

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