Trendspotting: TerraCottage

Informed by shades of earth, sky and sunbaked colors, the TerraCottage design trend is a bohemian-meets-global mix of objects and attitudes shaped by travel and handicraft collecting.

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July 30, 2017

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Photo By: Amadeus Leitner

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Photo By: Bethany Nauert; Styled By: Paige Geffen

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An artisanal look, pottery and woven goods give the TerraCottage trend a strong handcrafted and DIY vibe. These bamboo chairs topped with sunset-colored pillows illustrate the blend of earthy color tones and natural textures and materials.

Terra Cotta With an Edge

Redefining global style, the TerraCottage trend is informed by larger cultural interests in world travel, artisanal goods and a back-to-nature approach that finds inspiration in the color of the Southwestern landscape and in sunsets and sunrises as in this rich terra cotta rust-meets-peach hue.

Pueblo Inspiration

Located outside of Albuquerque, the sunbaked colors of this New Mexican pueblo define the TerraCottage look.

Southwestern Style Dining

Whitewashed matte walls, a collection of pottery and the woven textures of these throw pillows give this dining space an earthy, homespun attitude.

Pottery Is Key

Wall art and pottery displayed prominently in this home speak to an interest in travel and in collections of artisanal goods, items that lend an integrity and authenticity to this home.

Contemporary Meets Rustic

With its stunning view of the Santa Catalina Mountains, this Tuscon, Arizona home naturally integrates the colors of nature into its design scheme. A pop of turquoise in metal outdoor chairs completes the TerraCottage feel.

Vivid Turquoise

Informed by nature, turquoise might be called the signature color of the TerraCottage trend.

Contemporary Pool

Colorful tiles that mimic the patterns of embroidered textiles bring Southwestern flair to this Tucson home.

Eclectic Spanish Home

Finishes in rich, sunbaked colors define the TerraCottage look. The gorgeously weathered colors of this brick home with its rust window frames makes it seem one with the landscape surrounding it.

Rich Earth

Suggesting the shades of rich clay, this earthy Pantone shade exemplifies the TerraCottage color scheme.

Wood Grain

Showing TerraCottage's connection to nature, this Austin entryway takes its cues from the lake and the landscape beyond. “The pale blues of the antique Oushak pull out the cool hues of the water," says designer Mark Ashby. "The limestone walls bring a grounding effect and the fir ceiling pays homage to the canopy of trees beyond. The Moroccan lantern provides an ethnic beat to this composition."

Exotic Hallway

In the hallway to this home, tall arches and luxurious tile give the space a Moroccan feel in keeping with the TerraCottage ethos of redefined global style.
From: Bea Pila

Moroccan-Inspired Pillows

A gorgeous collision of pillows in a variety of woven textures lend interest to this outdoor space.

Sand Tone

The soft, earthy color of sand could be the inspiration for this Pantone color.

Global Patio Decor

Soft creams and yellows, baskets overflowing with flowering plants and beautiful floral patterns call to mind the relaxed, yet chic style in the South of France. Use a natural sisal or jute rug to let the colors and patterns of your decor pop.

Plants Make a Space

Whether indoors or out, succulents and cacti housed in woven baskets or weathered earth tone pots complete a TerraCottage design scheme.

Fresh Greens

Natural tones like this olive-yellow green mix beautifully with the TerraCottage color scheme.

Serene Escape

Natural, earthy materials, neutral colors and a touch of rusty orange and yellow invest this guest bathroom with a mix of TerraCottage and more contemporary touches.

Modern Bohemian Style

To give the living room of a home in the hip Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles an energetic update, designer Breeze Giannasio focused her design around the spectacular textile hanging above the sofa. Balancing all this rich interest is the simplicity of the space and of all the furnishings: Their spare, modern lines keep the exotic patterns and colors from becoming overwhelming. 

Simple, Chic Sitting Nook

Suggesting the hues of adobes, this sitting nook employs favorite TerraCottage textures like raw wood grain, weaving and the matte white walls.

Reclaimed Sideboard

This rough, raw wood sideboard lends a TerraCottage interest to this home.

Global Bath

TerraCottage doesn't have to mean a busy mix of pattern and texture. This relatively minimalist bath incorporates the TerraCottage travel theme in the vintage map that hangs against the forest green wall. A woven rug completes the look.

Forest Color

A dusty olive green incorporates nature into the home.

Tile and Texture

Global tile, a woven rug, the colorful tub and a Turkish towel bring a rustic, global mix to this bath.

Spanish Tile

Terra cotta floors and a vibrant Spanish tile shower create a stark contrast to the sleek black and white design of this eclectic master bath with a mix of TerraCottage materials.

Nature's Bounty

The stunning gradations of color in the earth and sky inform the similarly nature-focused color scheme of TerraCottage.

Colorful Moroccan Tile

Pattern and color come together in beautiful artisanal harmony in this Moroccan tile.
From: Genevieve Gorder

Rich Gold

A rich, earthy gold hue defines the TerraCottage look.

Traditional Bathroom With Moroccan Tile Walls

Warm and filled with detail from the Moroccan wall tile, this bath combines a contemporary sensibility with TerraCottage elements.
From: Genevieve Gorder

Geometric Planters With Succulents

Matte geometric planters from wood and concrete create an eye-catching centerpiece for indoors or out.

Party Time

Infuse Southwestern flair into your reception design by using cacti for your centerpieces. You can collect and pot the low-maintenance succulents ahead of time and keep them afterward. Place them along a pretty runner that coordinates with your pots.

Graphic Rugs

Hands down, the quickest and easiest way to transform a space is with an area rug like this wool flat-weave rug with an artisanal, handcrafted look. TerraCottage often means printed weaving that mimics embroidery and an artisan look even if goods have been machine-made.

Succulent Centerpiece

Succulents can be wonderful, elemental centerpieces as seen on this dining table.

Modern Southwest Style

This guest bedroom's inviting queen-sized panel bed sits center stage in a space with soft gray walls and ceiling and a strong nod to Southwest style done in a modern way. A tribal print rug anchors the bed area, with off-white carpet below.

Rustic Mudroom

Empty paint cans were mounted on the wall to provide DIY storage for gloves, scarves and hats in this rustic mudroom with bench seating and a minimalist, neo-boho look.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

Both rustic and modern, this upcycled wooden wall piece inspired by Aztec design brings a new rustic sensibility to this interesting stone wall.

Potted Succulents

A beautiful way to keep accessories to a minimum but bring greenery into your space and reinforce a TerraCottage look are succulents potted up in organic, earth-colored pottery.

Side Table With Artwork

A mix of simple forms and subdued color creates a visually interesting, compelling vignette.

Rustic Bench

The strong earthy colors of the fabric and pot in this front porch vignette show how more traditional, store-bought accessories with the right colors and lines can create a TerraCottage look.

Open Shelving

The gray stone structure creates a kitchen countertop and attached lower shelving in this sleek kitchen design. Matching gray stone shelves float above give height to the room and creating space for decorative storage. A black floor and white walls create a simple two-tone background for the room.

Sitting Area With Rattan String Chairs

A large piece of abstract watercolor art is reminiscent of the sea, with its swirling blue strokes and soft lines. The orange bohemian pillow injects a bright pop of color to balance the cool tones and enhances the eclectic, collected style of this space. Rattan is an important material in the TerraCottage trend.

Collected Space

Wood pedestals bring a natural texture to beautifully contrast the smooth artistic pieces. Dark pottery stands out against the bright white walls decorated with framed artwork. A sleek, oblong sconce provides a beautiful and unique lighting element to highlight the area. 

Southwestern-Inspired Living Space

This colorful living room features a small sitting area with neutral pintucked chairs and a round wooden table with Navajo pottery placed on top. A wrought iron chandelier hangs from the exposed beam ceiling, while multicolored decor, including the pillows and area rugs add to the global mix.

Bohemian Pillows

Bohemian style decorative pillows with embroidered detailing add color and pattern to the top of the guest bedroom’s queen bed.

Bedroom Accents Create Southwestern Look With Contemporary Flair

Wooden boards set in a herringbone pattern, a resin cast longhorn skull and leather headboard create a southwestern-inspired look with contemporary flair in this bedroom. Rather than subscribing to a strictly rustic style, TerraCottage is defined by its interesting global mix of elements that bring sophistication to these spaces.

Earth Tone

Earth infused with a touch of red informs this TerraCottage color swatch.

Patterns, Textures Create Balanced Bohemian Look in Master Bedroom

Southwestern design accents, such as the resin longhorn skull, woven blanket and animal hide rug are balanced with a wallpaper print featuring large iguanas to create a fun, bohemian look in this San Francisco home.

Clean and Comfortable

Plants and soft, knit pillows create a comfortable spot that blends minimalist style and an earthy vibe.

Macrame Home Decor

Open shelving and macrame bring a new bohemian-meets-Southwestern sensibility to this home.

Bohemian-Style Bedding

To dress up this platform bed with bohemian style, a lightweight tapestry was draped over the headboard and layered with a knit throw in a bold orange tone. A mix of ethnic prints on the pillows adds a touch of saturated pinks while stacks of vintage books bring a collected touch to the console table.

Eclectic Girl's Room

With faux-fur pillows, cotton linens, a rattan daybed and oversized rug, there's no shortage of texture in this boho-chic bedroom with a strong TerraCottage streak. 

Distressed Cabinet

A green, distressed antique cabinet adds character, texture and color to this all-white sitting area. A fern and snake plant make the space feel homey and inviting and bring in a natural element for an eclectic vibe.

Bold, Artisanal-Looking Wovens

Bohemian-style throw pillows in a gray-and-ivory diamond-and-stripe pattern offer texture and woven warmth when combined with solid pine green pillows on the top of the bed.

Global-Style Rug

A bohemian, global-style power-loomed area rug adds color and pattern over the master bedroom's prefinished and distressed engineered hardwood floor.

Rattan Rules

Rattan chairs with gathered string warm up this sitting area, bringing in natural texture and earthy tones. The neutral colors create a relaxing spot to unwind and watch the sun set through the large windows.

Light, Earth Tones, Materials From Nature

This seating area has a cool, bohemian style. A caramel butterfly leather chair and accompanying table with gold top are lit by the sunshine from the sliding door. A mini succulent garden is done with an air of refinement and sophistication to decorate the area. 

Vintage Trays

Add a bohemian touch with vintage trays to hold your bracelets and necklaces. You can use any patterned papers here, although we love the look of vintage patterns on antique silver trays.

Custom Decor: Handwoven Jute Rug

Pop rich organic texture into any room with handwoven jute rugs. Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, jute rugs work beautifully with the bohemian-meets-rustic-meets organic modern TerraCottage trend.

Natural Shades

Bring a touch of the outdoors inside not just with plants and light, but in your choice of colors, as with this TerraCottage warm taupe.

Matte Materials

Matte is often a big theme across trends, but this matte clay vessel is the ideal illustration of the TerraCottage aesthetic.

Funky Pendant Lamps

You can bring new attitude and a curated, artisanal TerraCottage feel to a mostly modern space by adding a detail like these colorful light fixtures.

Copper Pendant Lighting

Warm copper lighting fits in perfectly with the earthy TerraCottage look.

Colorful but Neutral Living Space

This bold living space features a blue foyer with a black and white Southwestern door that leads the way to a sitting area. Navajo print rugs cover the hardwood floors, while an exposed beam ceiling lends a rustic touch. A soft gray print dresser provides the ideal spot for a bar tray and table lamp.

Painted Wood, Imperfection

Painted wood and an emphasis on imperfection are features of the TerraCottage trend seen in this distressed turquoise-green chest of drawers. The rattan hanging chair adds to a feeling of a curated, global mix.

Bright Blue-Green

An appealing shade of blue-green makes this the perfect color balance for the taupes and soft earth tones of TerraCottage.

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