15 Totally Removable DIYs for Your Rental

Whether it's your first apartment or you're a seasoned renter, these temporary DIYs will have you feeling right at home.

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza Photography

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza Photography

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza Photography

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza Photography

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza Photography

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza Photography

Removable Wow Factor

Just because you don’t actually own your place, doesn’t mean you can't make it your own. These smart and, most importantly, removable decor hacks will dial up the wow factor without putting your deposit in jeopardy.

Ombre Views

Not everyone can afford million-dollar views. If you want to obscure an unattractive view without losing precious sunlight, try this DIY ombre effect on your windows and doors. Simply paint 2-inch squares of colored tissue paper onto the glass using a mixture of 9-parts water to 1-part decoupage medium. When it’s time to remove it from the glass, spray it down with water, let it soak a minute, then wipe it off.

When in Rome

They’re tailored, polished and usually pretty expensive. Not this DIY Roman shade — it’s a no-sew optical illusion. And best of all there’s no hardware to install thanks to some well-placed tension rods. Tip: Go with fabric that's a little sheer if you want to keep your space feeling light, bright and airy.

Budget MVPs

When it comes to creating window treatments on the cheap, your shopping list should definitely include hemming tape and hot glue. These craft store staples make it easy to size your shade and add high-end embellishments like DIY tassels, fabric cut-outs or patterned trim.

Prettier Panels

You don't often see the words custom and affordable in the same sentence — especially regarding window treatments. But it is possible to achieve both IF you're willing to get a little crafty. This charming boho-inspired panel is a DIY dream. Embellished with yarn and DIY tassels, it adds a graphic, global vibe to any space.

Wow With Wallpaper

Wallpaper is still trending HARD and now thanks to removable versions, renters can get in on the fun, too. This lovely bird-themed pattern is breathtaking on its own, but it’s the application that really takes this accent wall over the top.

Cutting Edge

Continuing the wallpaper up over the bed creates a major focal point and the illusion of a higher ceiling. But it’s the precision cuts and playfulness with the pattern on the ceiling that gives the room a surreal quality that’s pretty spectacular.

Vinyl’s Rich Tones

An accent wall can really change the overall vibe of a room, especially when it brings a warmth or unique texture into the space. We can’t get over how these vinyl flooring planks totally transform this TV + console table vignette.

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Totally Mobile

The vinyl planks are assembled into lightweight, easy-to-hang mini panels, then anchored with 2"x 2" boards. And they’re attached to the wall using temporary strips, so when it’s time to move, these little beauties can go with you.

Extra Starch, Please

If you love the idea of temporary wallpaper but can’t commit to the price tag, you need to discover the joy that is starched wall fabric. A flat sheet in a pretty pattern could be just what that boring bedroom or office wall needs. Just make sure the sheet is 100% cotton for best results.

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Smooth Move

It's surprisingly easy to apply fabric to your wall using liquid starch. Use painter's tape to temporarily hang the sheet while you roll liquid starch onto the wall. Smooth the material from the top down using a straight edge, then trim to accommodate any baseboards, outlets or switches. When it's time to remove the fabric, spray the wall with warm water, and gently pull it down.

DIY Swag

Unique light fixtures are hard to come by in most rentals. This DIY industrial pendant looks expensive — but it's not. Pick up a corded light kit and flange from your local hardware store and score a wire basket at your local flea market. Thread the light cord through the flange, then through the bottom of the basket. Flip over the basket, add an industrial-looking bulb then hang it with a temporary hook.

Vanity Valance

Bathroom lighting can be pretty uninspired in most rentals and apartments. This DIY valance is a temporary way to hide that not-so-cute light fixture. And the metal sheeting comes in a variety of patterns so you’re sure to find one that reflects your style.

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Snip Snip

These decorative metal sheets are perfect for all types of DIY projects — they’re rigid but lightweight. They're also easy to cut with a pair of heavy-duty scissors or tin snips.

DIY Boho Chandelier

Like your boho style with a side of glamour? Make your own version of those high-priced beaded chandeliers gracing luxe interiors across the country. Pick up a hanging basket at your local garden center, then create your own flush-mount masterpiece. Get complete instructions at the how-to link, below.

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Beaded Beauty

Who doesn't love a little beading now and then? Strung together with fishing line, these wooden craft beads are easy to attach, and the whole deal pops on and off the ceiling thanks to a few well-placed removable strips. So, whether you're hanging it over an existing light, or just creating a cute overhead focal point, this DIY project gets an A++.

Get Graphic

Don't underestimate the impact of graphic art — whether it's a grouping of small, inexpensive frames or an oversized canvas. These small abstracts butted frame-to-frame help personalize the space. And don’t be shy about putting together a massive grouping. They’re mounted with temporary adhesive, so your landlord won’t freak.

Sticky Situations

Using peel + stick tiles on the walls, especially in cook zones, not only protects the wall, it’ll punch up your kitchen’s appeal. Keep it temporary by mounting your tiles onto foam board, then just secure the board to the wall behind the stove. Inexpensive foam board usually comes in a 20" x 30" sheet, so it’s perfectly sized for behind-the-stove applications.

Shiplap Splash

No backsplash? No problem. You’ll feel like Chip and Jo updated your rental once you take in the detail on this vinyl adhesive shiplap. It's a little weathered but not so rustic it won’t look at home with a few modern accessories.

Pretty Pool Noodle Headboard

Pool noodles in the bedroom? Yes, it sounds sketchy but trust us on this one. If you can handle a staple gun, you can make this dreamy deco-inspired DIY headboard. Dive on in!

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Insta Rug

Make your own virtually spill-proof runner or area rug with peel + stick vinyl. It’s also a great way to hide a rental's hideous tile or linoleum. Trim a shelf liner or grippy rug pad to size, then stick the tile down on top of it.

That’s a Wrap

If your rental’s appliances have seen better days, consider wrapping them with magnetic skins or adhesive vinyl. These wraps come in a variety of colors and patterns, so it’s easy to transform an ugly or outdated fridge or dishwasher. Go for a classic finish like stainless to create a cohesive look with other appliances or choose a vibrant color to make a statement.

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