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22 Stunning Before and Afters from HGTV Magazine

Get inspired to transform any room with these amazing makeover ideas.

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Photo: Courtesy of Homeowners; David Tsay. From: HGTV Magazine.

Makeover Magic

Ready for a redo? Whether they're big or small, home makeovers can be an exciting but often overwhelming undertaking. If you're gearing up to refresh your space but you don't know where to start, HGTV Magazine has you covered. From recreated kitchens to prettied-up patios, these stunning transformations will inspire you to take on your next project.

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Photo: JEFF MCNAMARA . From: HGTV Magazine.

Before: A Basic Beige Living Room

Paralyzed by the pressure to make absolutely perfect decorating choices for their home’s main hangout space  —  and busy planning their upcoming wedding — Georgina McNiff and Kurt Waples had barely made a move since they unpacked. That meant builder-basic beige walls and carpeting, the sad-looking plastic mini blinds on the windows, the furniture haphazardly collected over time and — Georgina’s biggest grievance — the bare walls. “The few things we did have hanging were terrible,” she says.

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Photo: ANNIE SCHLECHTER . From: HGTV Magazine.

After: Cool and Curated

HGTV Magazine arrived ready for a makeover, armed with buckets of paint and armloads of patterns. Bold blue paint (even on the trim) and a wall-spanning assortment of art gave this room the blast of energy it needed. Rather than ripping up the existing carpet, the editors layered a graphic wool rug right on top. “Now it looks like people who know how to decorate live here,” says Georgina.

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Photo: Laurey Glenn. From: HGTV Magazine.

Before: A Dowdy Guest Room

Homeowner Kathryn Kaiser's guest bedroom had hand-me-down furniture, travel souvenirs and — against her better instincts — a dated floral bedspread with matching drapes. “They weren’t my taste at all,” says Kathryn, “but when I bought the house, the owner asked if I wanted to keep them, and I said sure because I didn’t have any others.” Cut to five years later and, she says, “I still hadn’t gotten around to replacing anything!"

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