Six Fun Mini Makeovers That Cost Less Than $100

HGTV Magazine asked staffers to redo a spot in their space … for under $100. Challenge accepted — and aced!

Jami’s Boho Mantel

“I updated my mantel by mixing tall and small objects, a classic decorating trick,” says home director Jami Supsic. The result: elevated style.

Total Cost: candles ($13) + tray ($21) + vase ($15) + planter ($35) = $84

Kathleen’s Fab Entry

“I’m staying with my parents and I treated us all to some stencil style,” says editorial assistant Kathleen Knowles. “I used leftover paint, picked a simple pattern and worked from the top down — no sweat!”

Total Cost: stencil ($24) + mirrors ($40) + tray ($20) + lamp ($10) = $94

Sam’s Cheery Desk

Since I’ve been spending more time than usual here, I was craving a refresh,” says assistant market editor Samantha Roberts. “The gold palm leaves in the vase are my fave — they give me vacation feels.”

Total Cost: lamp ($32) + palm leaves ($18) + art ($37) = $87

Rachel’s New-Old Nook

“I love our antique pew, but the corner felt drab,” says deputy photo director Rachel Barker. Playful touches like brunch-worthy art, a pom-pom garland and an orange chair brought the fun.

Total Cost: chair ($35) + bagel art ($25) + dowel frame ($16) + garland ($9) + fruit basket ($10) = $95

Deirdre’s Mod Stoop

For a quick curb appeal boost, creative director Deirdre Koribanick went for mid-century vibes on her stoop. “Now my pink Buddha finally has company!” she says.

Total Cost: chair ($60) + doormat ($29) + planter ($8) = $97

Sara's Tropical Bathroom

"I did a mini makeover in my bathroom with a new track rod and shower curtain," says editor-in-chief Sara Peterson.

Total Cost: shower curtain ($15) + track set ($61) + drop chains ($18) = $94

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