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25 Homes With Secret and Hidden Spaces

If you're looking to create a hidden space within your home, look no further. We have pulled together 25 completely concealed and secret rooms, from home bars to toy storage and everything in-between.

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Photo: Sarah Millet Photography

Secret and Hidden Spaces

Looking for a clever and unique addition to your home interiors? Try a secret or concealed room. We've gathered 20 hidden and concealed rooms that store everything from kitchen pantry items to toys.

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Photo: Stephen Karlisch, Interior Designer: Katie Paulsen, Principal Architect: Eddie Maestri, Builder: Kovar Custom Homes, Styling: Jenny O'Connor. From: Maestri Studio.

Kitchen With Concealed Pantry

Sleek black cabinets open to reveal a bright red pantry and kitchen storage closet.

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Photo: Tomas Espinoza. From: Tiffany Brooks.

Secret Hallway

Framed abstract art on the neutral gray wall adds a touch of style to the space, next to a seemingly normal bookcase that includes shelves for decorative items and hooks for hats and bags. But the unassuming bookcase is actually a Murphy door that opens to a surprise hideaway.

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Photo: Brian Podnos

Living Room With Hidden Bar

This underutilized closet was turned into a bar by lining it with faux-croc wallpaper, then adding studs and a cherished family photo to the back of the door.

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