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Asian-Style Courtyards

Adding Asian elements to your courtyard creates a calm, serene outdoor space you can enjoy for years. Check out these Asian-style courtyards to get ideas for your outdoor space.
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Tranquil Japanese Elements

This tranquil courtyard, designed by Evan Blewett, is filled with Japanese elements, including a garden and a water feature.

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From: The Outdoor Room With Jamie Durie

Japanese Tea Room

Host Jamie Durie transforms this outdoor space into a Japanese tea room. The calm, meditative courtyard is perfect for relaxing or entertaining a few guests.

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Serene, Calm Courtyard

Designer David Hertz created an Asian oasis in this courtyard. The floating steppingstones and bamboo elements provide a serene outdoor environment.

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Asian Courtyard Window

Plenty of seating makes this Asian courtyard a place to unwind from the day. Designer Pamela Berstler added a "Mulan" window in order to have a glimpse outside the courtyard.

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