Haute Hanukkah Decorating Ideas

Bring modern style and sophistication to your Hanukkah table with a mix of metallics and layered blues.

Prepare for a Hanukkah Dinner Party

To add Hanukkah flair to this neutral dining room, Design Star season 7 contestant Britany Simon added a plethora of decorative elements to create a space that's warm and cool, as well as layered and elegant.

Use Traditional Colors in a Non-Traditional Way

Blues and silvers not only give this dining space classic elegance, but they also introduce a Hanukkah color palette in a less-traditional manner.

Create a Custom Table Runner

No sewing machine? No problem! Create a custom table runner with three yards of satin folded into thirds, then top it off with a layer of metallic crafting sheer. The bound edges of the metallic crafting sheer add a graphic edge which gives the layered textiles a finished, tailored look.

Coordinate With Gold Flatware

For an unexpected touch at your Hanukkah dinner table, consider using gold flatware in place of traditional silver. To ensure longevity, strictly use it for special occasions. The more frequently gold is run through the dishwasher, the more likely it is to show its age.

Mix Gold With Wintry Hues

Something you should keep in mind when choosing the proper gold for your Hanukkah decor is to stick with shades of gold that have yellow undertones. Yellow gold mixes well with blue, the most popular color associated with Hanukkah. Brown-gold and orange-gold tones create more of an autumnal look and are trickier to mix with wintry colors.

Incorporate Pattern

Adding pattern to your Hanukkah decor results in both movement and graphic impact. To keep pattern from becoming too busy, simply introduce it to your table with plates. For extra depth, use different plates that vary in shades of the same color. For this setup, a turquoise-toned zigzag salad plate was combined with a solid, blue-gray dinner plate and a white charger. The cool backdrop paired with the warm gold accents strikes the perfect balance.

Use Metallic Pieces

A little touch of metallic goes a long way. For an extra, less-is-more approach to decorating with metallics, choose stemware ornamented with thin bands of gold, silver or bronze detail around the edges. Once paired with solid metallic pieces, the small accent instantly helps carry the metallic motif throughout the tablescape.

Layer Shades of Gold

By layering shades of gold through different design elements, a warm richness is instantly added to your Hanukkah tablescape.

Go Modern With a Manzanita Branch Menorah

For a fresh take on the classic menorah, consider a manzanita branch candelabrum as your table's centerpiece. Many manufacturers offer metallic manzanita sculptures that come with eight integrated holes for candles. You can also try the do-it-yourself approach by spray-painting a manzanita branch with metallic spray paint and adding small scraps of wood with hot glue, wire or screws to create a space to accommodate tea lights.

Choose a Classic Winter Flower

Lilies are the ideal flower choice when it comes to winter decorating. To give lilies Hanukkah flair, place them in metallic vases made of classic materials such as mercury glass.

Add a Festive Focal Point

Add a focal point above your table without any major installation costs with a group of paper lanterns. For Hanukkah flair, replace standard fishing wire or white string with satin or grosgrain ribbon in alternating shades of blue. Although there are many different colors of paper lanterns available, sticking with white adds an element of sophistication to a room.

Take It to the Floor

One design element homeowners may skip when decorating their dining and gathering spaces for Hanukkah is the floor. To carry the color scheme down to the floor, consider a solid, textural area rug in blue, gold or silver. During the holidays, swap the year-round rug out for a Hanukkah rug, and instantly the entire room will take on a seasonal vibe.

Bring In a Mobile Serving Station

For dining spaces lacking serving stations or buffets, introduce a bar cart for instant serving space. Use the top portion for laying out desserts, and designate the bottom as a place to gather gifts.

Offer a Sweet Dessert Presentation

Continue the metallic motif throughout the dining room with metallic dessert vessels. Hammered-pewter cake stands and chrome three-tiered servers add instant elegance for showcasing sweet treats.

Add Glamour With Metallic Gift Wrapping

Add some glamour to your Hanukkah decor this season with gifts wrapped in metallic paper. A fresh color scheme for gifts is turquoise, royal blue, gold and silver.

Decorate a Hanukkah Tree

As many modern-day families start to combine religions, new holiday traditions begin to take shape. For households where both Christmas and Hanukkah are celebrated, consider outfitting a white tree with ornaments in shades of blue, gold and silver.

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