Gazing Ball Decorating Ideas

Get lost in the beauty of these amazing gazing balls that will add intrigue to your blossoming garden. 

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Wayfair

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Hayneedle

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Citrus Garden

If you live in a climate zone that shares seasonal similarities with the Mediterranean, you might consider a courtyard that takes advantage of those conditions like this artful arrangement of crushed gravel beds, low border hedges, orange trees and a large silver gazing ball. 

Celestial Globe

This stunning work of art shines by day and glows by night. Each Lapis Blue, Amethyst or Turqouise gazing ball is individually hand-painted with its own unique pattern.

Gazing Ball

Gazing balls have served many uses beyond the ornamental.


Alpine’s Mosaic gazing globe uses stain glass windows as its inspiration. Grab a pink/yellow or a multicolored ball and just marvel at its beauty!


With the appearance of a rainbow, this durable stainless steel gazing ball will not tarnish, rust, or shatter. Consider it a good décor investment. 

Revive Garden Decor

In cold winter zones, kick off the garden season by taking decorative items out of winter storage and replacing them in planting beds. Gazing balls, colorful glass stakes, wind chimes, whirligigs and other décor can add color to the garden before plants are doing much more than sprouting. In warm zones, clean up garden décor to remove last year’s dirt.

Hold It!

So you’re definitely going to need a holder for your gazing ball! Echo Valley’s Venezia design can hold 8”, 10” or 12” globes in a package that’s not too big or not too small. 


This breathtaking crane and gazing ball pair is made of metal and is designed for the animal lover in you. It’s so unique!

Fairy Gazing Ball

If you like yard ornaments, chance are your fairies will too. Put a gazing ball in your fairy garden by gluing a marble onto the end of a twig. It will be a bit top heavy so create a base for it with clay or a big dollop of hot glue.


The stunning floral and leaf design on these glass gazing balls will cast the perfect shining effect on your gorgeous growths. 

When In Rome

This stainless steel beauty is just as strong as it looks. Not only will it last, but it will keep glistening for a long time!

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