Before-and-After Inspiration: Remodeling Ideas From HGTV Fans

Are you thinking of embarking on a home remodeling project? Get ideas and top tips from HGTV fans, and see gorgeous pictures to get you inspired to start your own home remodel.
By: Charity Curley Mathews

Photo By: HGTV fan njhaus

Photo By: HGTV fan DesignRemodelVA

Photo By: HGTV fan ljyajima

Photo By: HGTV fan Perri

Photo By: HGTV fan Mtn Livin

Photo By: HGTV fan Uptown Foursquare

Photo By: HGTV fan jprs22

Photo By: HGTV fan mcdanny18

Photo By: HGTV fan Perri


HGTV fan njhaus had more in mind for this modern kitchen remodel than fancy appliances. "The kitchen was designed with my husband in mind, who uses a wheelchair. We lowered the counters to make it easier for him to reach the cooktop. The lower counter at the island is table height so he can wheel right in. The features are integrated seamlessly (without) being obvious or less functional for everyone else."

Asian Inspiration

HGTV fan DesignRemodelVA overhauled her bathroom using river rocks for the backsplash and shower tile pattern.

A Better Bathroom

Even though HGTV fan ljyajima says updating this bathroom with a larger shower, soaking tub, double sinks and semi-private toilet area was a difficult feat, it looks like just the place to relax and recuperate.

Exterior on a Budget

HGTV fan Perri's tight budget didn't prevent a great paint job and accessorizing for the exterior of her 60-year-old beach house in California.

Outdoor Living

To better enjoy the Colorado countryside, HGTV fan Mtn Livin re-created this 1,200-square-foot patio area to include a fountain, seating area and built-in grill that combines reclaimed barn wood with a granite countertop.

Complete Kitchen Update

HGTV fan Uptown Foursquare took two years to complete this remodel, but he pulled off a total transformation. What was once an awkward room full of outdated appliances is now a modern cook's dream.

Terrific Tiles

After gutting the former shower unit, HGTV fan jprs22 installed an oversized and completely tiled shower.

Big Kitchen Remodel

HGTV fan mcdanny18 redid this '80s-style kitchen on a grand scale. The new two-cook kitchen is packed with luxury features, including white granite countertops and a warming drawer, plus two dishwashers, two copper sinks and two refrigerators.

Small Kitchen

HGTV fan Perri says her new open-plan kitchen with an island is "barely recognizable" compared to what it once was: a white closed-off room she didn't enjoy at all.

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