Budget Bedroom Updates

From reinvented hand-me-downs to raising the roof, a fab bedroom is within reach no matter your budget.
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November 25, 2014

Upgrade Your Existing Windows

Upgrading your bedroom's existing windows or replacing blank walls with new windows will dramatically change the room's appearance. Windows allow for better ventilation and wash the room with natural light. There are many different types of windows to choose from: double-hung, bay, jalousie, horizontal slider and casement windows are a few of the most popular choices. Photo courtesy of Brooke Giannetti

Update or Install New Flooring

Change the look and feel of your bedroom by installing new flooring. Whether you choose hardwood, laminate, tile or carpet, new flooring allows you to start fresh with a color and style that best suits your space. Photo courtesy of Erin Southwell

Reinvent Hand-Me-Downs

Creatively using hand-me-down furniture is a great way to furnish a bedroom on a budget. Before investing in expensive, new pieces, check with friends and family to see if they have anything they'd like to give away. This vintage bed was old news to its previous owners, but a coat of black paint and a little distressing gave it a fresh, up-to-date look that works perfectly with this bedroom's relaxed style.

Use Accessories That Tell a Story

Personalize your space by displaying a collection of bargain baubles that tell a story about you. Online auction sites carry an endless supply of inexpensive decorative details that will give your bedroom a collected-over-time look. Search for things like alarm clocks, vases, books, lamps and other decor to boost your bedroom's beauty factor.

Create an Artful Arrangement

A grouping is a great way to add interest to a large expanse of wall. Create an arrangement of framed photographs, art and quotes to add personality and pizazz. Tip: Frame your own photos and favorite quotes for a grouping that reflects the people, places and phrases you love.

Dress the Windows

The right window treatment will enhance both your home's architecture and your personal style, so consider the feeling you want to create when selecting window treatments. For an easy-breezy look, use gauzy sheers hung on inexpensive cafe-style rods. Tip: Painters' drop cloths also make great drapes; they're heavy-weight, neutral color and come in a variety of lengths. Bonus: You can find them at any home improvement store for about $10 per drop cloth.

Add Interest With Molding

Wainscoting provides decorative contrast between the upper and lower sections of walls while adding traditional or cottage-style charm. There are several types of wainscoting which, if you're handy with a saw and level, are very easily installed. Popular styles are beadboard, shown here, and board and batten. Photo courtesy of Sarah Barnard

Add Bedside Lighting

While overhead lighting is practical and fills the entire room with light, bedside lamps cast a peaceful, moody glow and are ideal for illuminating bedtime tasks. Tip: Ensure that bedside lamps are the correct height with this little trick: When you're sitting in bed, the lampshade bottoms should be at eye level so light will shine on your reading material not in your eyes. Photo courtesy of Erin Southwell

Mix and Match Bedding

Combinations of pattern and texture add a casual, layered look to the bedroom. In this photo, a mix of muted colors and pretty patterns dress the bed in a luxurious yet relaxed way. Shop catalogs and online for coordinating bedding at bargain prices. Photo courtesy of Erin Southwell

Add a Focal Point

Adding a fireplace to your bedroom will not only add charm and romance, it can also increase your home's resale value. Wood-burning fireplaces offer classic appeal, gas fireplaces are clean and easy to install, and electric fireplaces are affordable and can be placed in a room without a chimney. Photo courtesy of Brooke Giannetti

Vault the Ceiling

A ceiling is much more than just a roof over your head, as demonstrated by the incredible vaulted ceiling in designer Brooke Giannetti's bedroom. If you're considering a vaulted ceiling, first contact an HVAC contractor to determine if your existing heating and cooling system can handle the increased volume of the room. It's also important to contact a structural engineer to ensure that the collar ties are properly located to prevent walls from spreading apart when the ceiling joists are removed. Photo courtesy of Brooke Giannetti

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