4 Ways to Use a Console Table

The experts at HGTV Magazine took this adaptable piece of furniture around the house. With some simple styling tricks, a console table can move rooms and take on a new purpose.
By: Jessica Dodell-Feder

Photo By: Kate Mathis

Photo By: Kate Mathis

Photo By: Kate Mathis

Photo By: Kate Mathis

Photo By: Kate Mathis

Photo By: Kate Mathis

Photo By: Kate Mathis

Photo By: Kate Mathis

Photo By: Kate Mathis

Photo By: Kate Mathis

Photo By: Kate Mathis

Photo By: Kate Mathis

Photo By: Kate Mathis

Photo By: Kate Mathis

Photo By: Kate Mathis

The Traveling Table

Start with a great design in a neutral color so it blends well with any room and any decor. We love this option from HGTV HOME. Wakefield console, $679, bassettfurniture.com

In the Dining Room As a Bar

Our console table is ready for a party! Lacquer trays protect the top from spills, and they're easy to wipe down and tote around. They are great for arranging your happy hour essentials — glasses, stirrers and cocktail napkins — on them.

The Essentials

Keep an ice bucket and a compact wine rack on the bottom shelf. Stash dish towels for sudden spills.

Tools at the Ready

Use bamboo drawer organizers to hold bottle openers and other bar tools.

In the Bedroom As a Vanity

Prop a mirror on top and pull up a cushioned stool to turn a console table into an instant makeup area. A small tray holds pretty perfume bottles. Need better light? Add a lamp with a three-way bulb.

A Catchall Basket

A big, lidded basket on the lower shelf can hold overflow supplies, travel bags, and shampoos and lotions. A stool that's at least 18 inches high is a comfy seat.

Ladylike Items in Their Place

Saucers corralling things like perfume samples and nail polish stay put on nonstick grip liner.

In the Hallway As an Entry Table

Create a drop zone for keys, coins and anything else for when you come home. Bins on the bottom shelf hold accessories like grocery totes and pet supplies, or off-season extras such as scarves.

Utility Hangers

Hang double-prong hooks next to the table and you have a place for the dog leash and a basket to hold outgoing mail.

Multiple Mirrors

Neat idea: Swap one big mirror for a group of small ones.

Protect Accessories

Line the drawers with felt and make a soft landing spot for gadgets and sunglasses.

In the Spare Room As an Office Station

It seems like a desk never holds everything a desk should. Enter the console, aka the home office store-it-all. Everyday necessities like sticky notes, folders and cellphone chargers can stay on top.

Save Space

Save the bottom ledge for bulkier things like a printer and magazine files.

Make Note

Hang a memo board over the table and tack up invites, reminders and favorite photos. Stick ribbons onto the pin board so you can tuck in notes.

Your Supply Drawer

Organize supplies with plastic drawer dividers in various sizes.

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