3 Budget-Friendly Ways to Embellish a Plain Shower Curtain

If you're looking for a low-cost way to spruce up your bathroom, look no further than your shower curtain. With these three DIY projects, a basic white shower curtain can easily be embellished to give your bathroom a fresh new look.

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June 18, 2015

Photo By: Molly Winters

Photo By: Molly Winters

Photo By: Molly Winters

Photo By: Molly Winters

Photo By: Molly Winters

Photo By: Molly Winters

Photo By: Molly Winters

Photo By: Molly Winters

Photo By: Molly Winters

Photo By: Molly Winters

Photo By: Molly Winters

Photo By: Molly Winters

Add a Pop of Color

When it comes to making a statement in a neutral space, a little color goes a long way. For a project that’s as impactful as it is easy, look no further than your local fabric store for pom-pom trim in a bright, cheery hue; then use it to bring a classic white shower curtain to life. Guests will marvel at the whimsical detail, and best of all, you’ll get to tell them you did it yourself.

What You'll Need: Pom-Pom Trim Shower Curtain

For this project, you’ll need a white fabric shower curtain (72” wide is the standard), 4 yards of pom-pom trim, straight pins, a sewing machine and scissors. Lay the shower curtain flat on the ground or a large work surface, and position the pom-pom trim along the bottom edge and along the top edge under the rings. Use straight pins to secure the trim in place.

Sew Away!

Carefully feed the trim and shower curtain through a sewing machine, removing the straight pins as you stitch.

Admire Your Chic Finished Product

And just like that, your uninspired bathroom has gone from drab to fab.

Add High-End Texture

If a bold pop of color isn't your style, go the monochromatic route and instead, add interest with a textural pin-tucked detail. Similar to high-end designs you’ll find in expensive stores, this DIY version is just as beautiful at a fraction of the cost and — best of all — a great excuse to spend the afternoon crafting.

Prep for Pin-Tucks

To get started, lay your shower curtain flat with the back side facing up, and use a tape measure or yard stick to mark the location of each pin-tuck with an "X". We recommend spacing marks about 18" apart in staggered rows.

Create the Look

At the sewing machine, use your fingers to pinch the material at each "X" and create a twisted point. Sew back and forth on the gathered fabric three or four times; then cut the thread and move on to the next "X".

High-End Design, Budget Friendly Price

Steam or iron your newly pin-tucked shower curtain before hanging it to let the custom pleated detail really shine.

Add a Fun, Geometric Pattern

For the bold decorator, adding a geometric pattern to an otherwise neutral space is a surefire way to make a statement. This design comes together in no time when applied with a homemade stamp and will undoubtedly have house guests asking where you "bought" your trendy shower curtain.

Make Your Shape

To get started, cut a triangular shape out of a foam sheet with adhesive backing (found at your local craft store).

Create a Stamp

Peel the back of the adhesive, and attach the foam shape to a wood block. Get the wood block cut to size at your local hardware store, pull it from a children’s toy block set or find at your favorite wood-crafting shop.

Make a Big Impact

First, lay newspaper under the shower curtain to ensure no paint seeps onto your work surface. Squeeze a generous amount of fabric paint onto a sheet of scrap paper. Press the stamp into the paint, then line it up on the shower curtain and evenly press the stamp onto the fabric. Lift the block straight up to prevent smearing, then repeat stamping to create your geometric pattern. Allow paint to fully dry before hanging your new, graphic shower curtain.

On-Trend and On-Budget

And, voila, a trendy look created with just a little fabric paint and a DIY stamp.

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