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20 Ideas to Breathe New Life Into Your Home

January 22, 2019

Designers share their best tips and tricks for refreshing every room in your home.

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Photo: Lauren Logan Photography. From: Maureen Stevens.

Mix Patterns

"There's something about a layered room that exudes personality and makes a space feel and look 'lived-in' in all the right ways," says interior designer Maureen Stevens. "One of the ways to achieve this is by mixing patterns." Maureen offers three tips for mixing patterns effectively: First, use three to five patterns, each on different scales. "If you have three patterns, choose a large scale, a medium scale and a small scale accordingly," she advises. Second, stick with a concept and theme when choosing patterns so they collectively work toward a cohesive design concept. Lastly, add solids. "Just like a room needs negative space, patterns also need to be broken up by adding solids in between," Maureen says.

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Photo: Lauren Logan Photography. From: Maureen Stevens.

Hang a Piece of Statement Art

"Art can bring so much life in a room, but choosing at times can be oh-so tricky," Maureen says. Her best tips when you’re on the hunt for impactful art? Check out local artists, and don’t be afraid to ask about commissioned artwork. She also says grouping several small pieces together can be just as effective as selecting one large piece. With this in mind, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for small and large pieces alike.

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Photo: Lauren Logan Photography. From: Maureen Stevens.

Try a Wallpapered Accent Wall

"Wallpaper is definitely a surefire way of turning a sterile, ho-hum space into a bold and striking space," Maureen says. Luckily, you don't need to install loads of wallpaper to guarantee an impact. In fact, Maureen advises starting small, like adding wallpaper to an accent wall — but going small should also mean going bold. "Since wallpaper is used usually to enliven a space, do not go neutral unless it has a pattern that is amazing or is one you love," Maureen says.

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Photo: Lauren Louise. From: Kerra Michele Huerta.

Refresh Your Furniture

This can apply to you differently depending on your means and needs. If a new piece of furniture is in your budget, take the plunge on a classic piece that will make an impact. (A gorgeous, camel-hued Eames chair definitely fits the bill here.) If your budget doesn’t allow a splurge, simply take time to rethink your current furniture arrangement. Try placing your existing furniture in new places to bring a fresh look to your home.

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