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12 Design Horoscopes for the Bedroom

By: Carrie Sloan and Greg Tufaro
November 25, 2014
The oldest line in the book fuses with interior design. Find your sign, then we'll show you how to make your bedroom uniquely you.
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You make your presence known without dominating, but come across grounded, solid and sturdy. As the "adults" of the zodiac — responsible and disciplined — you gravitate toward sensible, grown-up decor. Your sensibilities tend toward strong, solid basics, like a wooden red-toned armoire with a big sturdy leather chair, and funky accents, like an earthy leopard print rug.

Your Colors: Deeper earth tones. Slates, grays, browns and forest greens. Design by Joseph Pubillones

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From: Shane Inman


You tend to impose your unique, forward-thinking ideas. You're a step ahead of the rest of us — especially when it comes to technology. You've probably got the latest HDTV on your wall — or want one. But, whether you're the type who prefers linens and throws or gadgets and gizmos, the bottom line is: Aquarians need to be different. Your bedroom will boast at least one conversation starter, whether it's the memory foam in your mattress or your metallic paint. Then again, it might be that retro quilt you snagged at the flea market — sometimes you step out of the future and back in time.

Your Colors: Silver, metallics, blues and denim. Design by Shane Inman

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You're a go-with-the-flow type who soaks up the characteristics of others. Sometimes you soak up their emotions, too, so your room needs to be a place you can relax. Your bed is of primo importance: Make it soft, comfy and soothing, with luscious sheets and a cocoon-like cashmere throw. Of course, you won't be happy unless this cozy haven reflects your creative vibe: Most fish have more talent in one fin than the rest of the zodiac combined. Choose art that's ethereal and dreamlike, like Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Your Colors: Watery greens and blues, pale yellows moving toward whites. Design by Benjamin Cruz

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You act impulsively and with flash. You're also the first sign of the zodiac, and that youthful optimism means you love to take chances with design, but your room will always reflect vitality and life. You might carry a talent you learned as a child — such as antiquing or stamp-collecting — into adulthood and put it on display. Or, you might try to make children feel comfortable in your space; for example, designating a kid corner with a red sitting chair for story time. Bold and opinionated, fiery pops of color are what an Aries needs to feel warm.

Your Colors: Bold reds and ambers, used in moderation. Design by Linda Woodrum

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