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10 Trends Our Editors Can't Wait to Say Goodbye to in 2018

By: Ryan Reed
December 05, 2017

A handful of HGTV editors get all "IMHO" to share their deepest, darkest design dislikes — and hopes for the new year.

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Photo: Chris Amaral. From: Cousins Undercover.

Open Shelves

Open shelves are perhaps one of the most impractical trends yet. Who has that many beautiful, color-coordinated dishes to display? Who is dusting around all those jars, tumblers and artfully stacked bowls? What about sticky kitchen grease that accumulates on everything? Who cleans that? Look, I understand the open, airy feel open shelves give a kitchen. It looks beautiful! But, glass cabinet doors are better alternatives for displaying lovely kitchen items. Same idea, more practical. — Molly Miller, Apple News Editor

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Photo: BBP. From: Candice Tells All.

Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors need to stay in barns. Period. A clunky, faux barn wood door with exposed hardware looks misplaced and forced next to white subway tile and crown molding. I'm totally over the rustic/farmhouse/upcycled look all together. — Molly Miller, Apple News Editor

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Fire Pits

As your friendly neighborhood newsletter editor I've done the research, crunched the numbers and I can tell you — fire pits are officially extinguished. What was once a fun backyard activity for the whole family is now begrudgingly standing around a constantly-dying fire until everyone gets too cold and goes back inside (the host will always be the last to go back inside). — Jessica Yonker, Online Editor

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Enough already! It's low-quality wood that is meant to hold your washing machine off the basement floor. Using pallets for indoor furniture is like putting kudzu in your floral arrangement. Maybe, just maybe, it's suitable for outdoor furniture, but please stop putting pallets in your house. You may wind up with splinters. — Jackie McGilvray, Editor

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