10 Surprising Ways to Decorate With Pumpkins

With autumn upon us, now is the perfect time to get inspired with some festive setups. While pumpkins are perfect just as they are, we can’t help but obsess over these next-level ways to show off the fall must-haves. From tablescape upgrades to Instagram-worthy succulent gardens, these clever decor tips will get your home ready for pumpkin mania in no time.

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Chill Out

While the fall is often associated with warm beverages (read: pumpkin spice lattes), there’s no reason to rule out cold options. Forget your boring old ice bucket though, and keep your bottle right inside of a hollowed out pumpkin instead. After scooping out the seeds, simply fill it with ice and a bottle of your favorite bubbly. This autumnal hack is sure to make any fall party a hit.

Candy Dish

Candy is great no matter how it’s presented, but your favorite halloween treats will seem even more enticing when stashed in an actual pumpkin. Slice your pumpkin so two thirds will act as the base, and one third will be the lid. Whether you keep this on a console for the month or reserve it for trick-or-treaters, it’s guaranteed to be the perfect addition to any autumnal display.

Succulent Garden

While the flowers and plants available during autumn are rich in color, those harvest hues aren’t for everyone. If mums and the like don’t drive you wild, skip the standard options and incorporate your go-to plant of choice in a new, timely way. Turn any pumpkin into a perfect pot for a succulent garden in a few easy steps. Whether you want to spruce up an empty console, add a unique element to a tablescape, or style them outside, this DIY project adds the perfect seasonal touch.

Decorative Decoupage

Traditional Jack-o’-lanterns have their appeal, but there are easy ways to take your decorating to the next level without cutting up your pumpkins. Induce major envy by decking your pumpkins out in something a little more trendy this year. Since bold prints and vibrant patterns are so popular right now, try decoupaging them right onto your pumpkins for a dramatic look that is as stylish as it is spooky.

Autumnal Vase

Display all of your favorite blooms in a whole new way this year. Transform an ordinary pumpkin into a vase that will amplify your flowers' seasonal shades. After it’s hollowed out, slide in a small-scale jar that’s filled with water before adding a bouquet of fall florals for a seasonal statement that is sure to wow. Tablescapes and coffee tables will look flawless with this fun and festive addition.

Surprising Shades

Orange may be the standard shade when it comes to pumpkins, but feel free to switch things up and embrace a whole range of vibrant colors. Pops of metallics, muted pastel hues and everything in between will revamp any at-home pumpkin patch this fall. Pair a few different colors together to create a stylish visual that will give those iconic squashes an instant refresh.

Stacks on Stacks

Rather than grouping your pumpkins in a straight line, take things to new heights by stacking them one on top of the other to create a vertical focal point.This playful new approach to showcasing pumpkins is a great way to create a centerpiece without overwhelming the table. Keep the rest of the decor minimalist to really let this arrangement be the main highlight.

On-Trend Accents

You don’t necessarily need to sacrifice on style in order to introduce seasonal decor into your home. Rather than styling your pumpkins with other cliche autumnal pieces — hay bales, gourds, etc — pair them with on-trend accents to create a modern look that won’t take away from a perfectly curated space. Try styling them right on top of a sheepskin throw for a look that's seasonally appropriate, warm and trendy.

Vertical Planter

Bigger isn’t always better, and this small-scale vertical planter is all the proof you need. Add some character to a blank wall with this by using a wine crate to house a variety of mini plants. Don’t stop at tiny vines, though. Introduce a few perfectly petite pumpkins into the group for an understated look with just the right amount of seasonal charm.

Vintage Chair Arrangement of White Pumpkins and Mums

All orange everything can get a bit overwhelming after a while. Avoid a color overload by opting for a different — and totally surprising — shade. Grab some white pumpkins and style them alongside white mums for a monochromatic look that will certainly shake things up. Keep things on theme by placing the whole setup on a white piece of furniture to emphasize the tone on tone look.

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