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How to Add a Tasteful Touch of Neon to Your Home

Tasteful neon is no longer an oxymoron, and these interior designers offer fresh ways to incorporate the look into any style.

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Photo: Costas Picadas

How to Make Neon Hues Work in Almost Any Style Room

Neon has long held a bad rap in the design world, often relegated to the same space occupied by lava lamps, velvet paintings and '70s wood paneling. But neon's perception is changing and is no longer limited to garish signs tucked away in basement bars. Plus, it's now possible to find stylish neon options in everything from wallpaper to furniture, prompting one to rethink neon's place in a home.

"Bright colors and neon can go beyond accents and serve as part of the design language of a space," says Jessica Shaw, interior design director at The Turett Collaborative.

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Photo: Planterra

Two Words: Neon Plants

One of the easiest ways to experiment with the neon trend is by adding a neon-colored plant. Shane Pliska, president of Planterra, a company that provides interior landscape services, specifically recommends plants such as the 'Neon' pothos and Dracaena fragans 'Limelight.' Both are considered low-maintenance plants and you can add as few or as many as you want to brighten up your space.

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Photo: Tomas Espinoza

Take Neon Outside

"Paint a front door or accent door something bold and neon," suggests Leigh Spicher, an interior designer for Ashton Woods. "Doors can be the best place to test bold color because they can easily be repainted." She adds, "Neon should be a stand-alone star. In other words, create a big focal point with neon by adding it into a neutral background or palette." For balancing neon, she recommends black, blue, brown and green as grounding neutrals.

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Photo: Costas Picadas

Hang a Subtle Neon Sign

Another way to ease into the neon trend is by hanging a neon sign. It can be subtle, like this one, or fully commit to the concept with a fun piece like this.

"In a current Chelsea duplex we are in the process of designing, we are combining a personal motif for the homeowners into a neon sign in the entry," says Jessica. "A mirror across from the neon helps to expand its lighting reach. Here, the neon is a design element as well as a light source."

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