Charming Mudroom Design Ideas

From wicker baskets to rustic barrels, learn ways to incorporate thrifty finds into your mudroom design.

Photo By: Bob Greenspan (816-591-3370)

Vintage Dresser

Jennifer Grey of the Old Painted Cottage placed an early 1900s child's armoire near the front door to serve as storage and added old brass doorknobs to a vintage piece of wood with original paint to hold bags and hats. "For my entry, you literally spill directly into the living room the second you walk through the front door," she says. "So I created a sort of mock entry mudroom with carefully planned placement of furniture and objects." Photo courtesy of The Old Painted Cottage

Retro Sink

Just because a mudroom is new doesn’t mean it can’t feel familiar and homey. A retro-styled sink and faucet plus a towel bar make this space both functional and pretty. Vintage accessories like the painted stool were brought in to add texture and patina. Photo courtesy of; photography by Bob Greenspan

Warm Wicker

Mudrooms often have lots of hard surfaces such as cabinetry. Soften the space by bringing in accessories that provide texture, warmth and interest, such as a wicker umbrella stand. Photo courtesy of Ballard Designs

Antique Knickknacks

For a light and airy space that also serves as a secondary dressing room for guests using the pool, all the pretty vintage and antique accessories are on display, while doors and drawers hide supplies and appliances. Decorative touches lend the patina of age to the traditional space. The washer and dryer are housed in compartments with doors so that they too can be hidden when not in use. Photo courtesy of; photography by Bob Greenspan

Must-Have Boot Trays

Whether you choose to wear shoes inside the house or not, you may want to store boots here, "especially if you don't want them clogging up your bedroom closets," says professional organizer Ruthann Betz-Essinger. Photo courtesy of Ballard Designs

Nostalgic Picnic Baskets

Stacked picnic baskets move into the mudroom, storing out-of-season gear out of the way but within easy reach. Ginny Snook Scott of California Closets recommends planning both horizontally and vertically. "You'll find a lot of storage space by going up as high as possible," she says. Photo courtesy of California Closets

Reclaimed Umbrella Barrel

A rustic barrel serves as an umbrella stand, adding texture and vintage charm to a contemporary mudroom where everything has its place. Photo courtesy of California Closets

Farmhouse-Style Storage

Consider using baskets for the things you'll store in the mudroom. "When you're looking at all these beautiful photos of mudrooms," says professional organizer Ruthann Betz-Essinger, "when you see a basket, there could be all manner of clutter inside. But who cares?" Photo courtesy of Ballard Designs

Upcycled Iron Wall Unit

Create a sculptural wall unit by adding hooks to a metal grid for storage of hats, bags and jackets. The easier your mudroom is to use and the more interesting it is to look at, the more likely you are to enjoy it and have it work for you. Photo courtesy of Ballard Designs

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