Stock Tank Pools Are Your New BFF This Summer

Beat the heat for cheap.

If having a pool in your backyard has always felt like a fantasy upgrade, we’d like to introduce you to your new BFF — the stock tank pool.

These "pools" are actually water troughs for livestock. But for those of us who are pool-less, they’re an easy, inexpensive solution for almost any outdoor space with a flat area around your house. They come in varying sizes and can even be setup with a pump like a traditional pool. Instead of dropping $30K on a traditional pool, these stock tank models typically cost just a few hundred bucks. Some affectionately refer to them as "hillbilly hot tubs."

After combing through Instagram, we've found some stock tank pool inspo that will help you figure out how you can use one of these pools in your own backyard to stay cool all summer long.

At this charming Tennessee farm, the owners have set up a stock tank pool right beyond their fire pit. They use chlorine in the pool, as well as an above-ground filter to keep the water healthy.

You can even use a stock tank pool to create the look of a traditional built-in model. Achieve this look by digging a hole the same size as the pool, then use plants and hardscaping around to create a more finished outside space.

If your pup is water obsessed, a stock tank pool might be perfect for them, too. If you’re creating more of a doggie pool, add a ramp or stairs for your pooch for easy access.

This stock tank pool looks super-chic on this owner’s back deck. You still have a view of the rest of the space, which makes this perfect for watching the kids or joining the rest of the party.

Here’s another clever way to make your stock tank pool look a bit more buttoned up: build a deck around it. This is a great option if you have a lot of space and want to create an area around the pool where you can leave your towels, hang out or put down a drink.

Sitting out in the sun (especially with the reflection of the water) can be brutal. Bring some shade to your stock tank pool with a strategically placed umbrella like this one.

Here’s a modern take on the typical stock tank pool. This pool was set up right outside the owner’s bedroom, so she can wake up in the morning and take a quick dip in the water.

Another great idea for making your stock tank pool feel a bit more integrated into your backyard is to build a rock garden around it. They’ve also included a bench, fountain and some lovely landscaping.

You don’t have to use a stock tank pool as a pool. This owner uses hers as a clever garden fountain, which she carefully integrated into her outdoor space. She’s growing plants and using it as a water feature.

If you love to float around on a raft in the pool, choose a stock tank pool that’s big enough for your favorite floaty. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes, so you’re sure to find one that works for you and your family.

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