Stylish Surroundings: Outdoor Walls & Fences

HGTV designers and fans share the unique ways they incorporate beautiful structures into their outdoor spaces, from a striking mural wall to a woven fence.

Photo By: Heather Knapp

Outdoor Canvas

Turn an outdoor wall into a canvas. This mural, by renowned aboriginal artist Gabriella Possum, adorns the wall surrounding a large outdoor room, bringing color and organic curves to the space. Design by Jamie Durie.

Wooden Watering System

This wooden wall sculpture is not only visually pleasing but also efficient, serving as the conduit for an irrigation system. Landscape artist Jamie Durie used recycled lumber beams installed with a misting system to water the surrounding vines and epiphytes.

A Red Accent

An outdoor room is the perfect place to create a meditation room. Designer Joan Grabel added a bold red accent wall, which makes the basalt fountain the focal point of this modern tranquil space.

Relax Like an Egyptian

Landscape artist Jamie Durie created a unique grid wall and sleek water feature to replicate the water channels in Cairo, Egypt. The papyrus and palm trees surrounding the yard complete this relaxing space.

The American Dream

Fulfill the American dream of a house with a white picket fence. Surrounding a white fence with colorful flowers will make your home stand out in the neighborhood.

Tribal Backyard

Bring a little Africa to your backyard. Landscape artist Jamie Durie hangs lanterns and tribal masks on bamboo rods for the full effect.

Beautiful Backdrop

This courtyard features a terra-cotta-colored stucco wall with a stone water fountain that complements the beautiful mountainous backdrop. Design by Lori Dennis.

Fiesta Fiesta

Planters adorn the walls of this Puerto Rican-inspired outdoor room. The vibrant-colored wall panels add a fun pop perfect for any outdoor fiesta. Design by Jamie Durie.

Sunny Garden

RMS user mike15619 uses a white fence to divide up his garden. The lantana bush blooms during the summer and he also grows onions, bell peppers and hot peppers. The sun collectibles finish the garden's cheerful look.

Tiny Yet Bold

Mediterranean-influenced tiles adorn the clay-colored walls of this tiny courtyard. Designer Katrina Fairchild used bold pottery and plantings to add interest and color to the space.

Circular Window

The circular window in this Asian courtyard gives a peek at what's outside while the built-in bench is great for big or intimate gatherings. Design by Pamela Berstler.

Mediterranean Influence

The bold wall color and geometric lines of this courtyard are softened by natural stone and plantings. Landscape artist Jamie Durie used a bright color on the wall along with architectural elements to give the space a Mediterranean look.

Kaleidoscope Wall

For a dramatic outdoor space, RMS user PHLpavilion used colorful plexi panels to divide the space. The panels are custom-designed and create a flexible space, making it perfect for parties or for relaxing after a hectic day.

Garden Fountain Feature

A lovely water fountain centers the garden, adding a beautiful final touch to the design.

Woven Wall

A different spin on the regular outdoor wall, landscape artist Jamie Durie constructed The Nest's wall using age-old weaving techniques and a mix of recycled timbers, metal and twigs.

Built-In Water Feature

This stucco wall has a water feature built right in it. Designer Sierra Hart used copper and stone elements for a contemporary look.

Tuscan Villa Backyard

RMS user twd33 turned an unsightly wall into an Italian masterpiece. The previous wall made the space feel like a prison, but the new look makes it feel like you're in a Tuscan villa.

Spectacular Succulents

Landscape artist Jamie Durie created this recycled steel-structured wall to house succulents from around the world. The combination of artistic and sculptural features gives the wall a true Southwestern touch.

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