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Stylish Surroundings: Outdoor Walls & Fences

HGTV designers and fans share the unique ways they incorporate beautiful structures into their outdoor spaces, from a striking mural wall to a woven fence.
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Outdoor Canvas

Turn an outdoor wall into a canvas. This mural, by renowned aboriginal artist Gabriella Possum, adorns the wall surrounding a large outdoor room, bringing color and organic curves to the space. Design by Jamie Durie.

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Wooden Watering System

This wooden wall sculpture is not only visually pleasing but also efficient, serving as the conduit for an irrigation system. Landscape artist Jamie Durie used recycled lumber beams installed with a misting system to water the surrounding vines and epiphytes.

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A Red Accent

An outdoor room is the perfect place to create a meditation room. Designer Joan Grabel added a bold red accent wall, which makes the basalt fountain the focal point of this modern tranquil space.

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From: The Outdoor Room With Jamie Durie

Relax Like an Egyptian

Landscape artist Jamie Durie created a unique grid wall and sleek water feature to replicate the water channels in Cairo, Egypt. The papyrus and palm trees surrounding the yard complete this relaxing space.

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