14 DIY Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want

Because who needs another koozie?

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Wedding favors are a thoughtful way to show your guests just how much you love and appreciate them. But too often, these small gifts are never used or worse — thrown in the trash. On your special day, don't fill the world with more junk. Ditch the blah favors and give your guests a practical, useful gift they'll actually want to grab on the way out the door.

Mini Succulents

The bride's sisters spray-painted mini terra cotta pots in a shiny gold color and planted succulents as a party favor. Hot pink aquarium rocks added a pop of color.

These hearty plants are pretty, inexpensive and practically unkillable. For a special touch, pot in colored gravel or sand to match your wedding theme.

8 More DIY Garden Favors

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Double-Duty Terrarium

A charming place holder that doubles as a sweet party favor, this DIY terrarium via Green Wedding Shoes is the perfect, easy craft that is sure to impress your guests.

Photo By: Green Wedding Shoes

Spread the Love, Plant Some Seeds

For a rustic wedding, store your packets of flower seed in an old wheelbarrow with a cute sign.

Photo By: Gracie Blue Photography

Herb Favors

Thank guests with these custom herb planter favors that do double duty as rustic, aromatic place cards. Get the step-by-step instructions here >>

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Heirloom Tomato Plants

An eco-friendly option, locally grown produce plants are a favor that guests can enjoy all season long. Get more tips and tricks for an eco-friendly wedding >>

Photo By: BOB FARLEY/F8PH0TO.ORG, Bob Farley

Plant a Tree

Give a gift that keeps on giving when you supply guests with a way to plant their very own Scotch pine tree. Make your own kit, or buy it premade from MorganTheCreator on Etsy.

Photo By: MorganTheCreator

Air Plants

Even easier to care for than succulents, air plants make a great wedding favor (and place holder) even for those without a green thumb.

Photo By: thisfineday

Watch Love Grow

DIY seed starters are the perfect favors for a garden-inspired wedding. Get the step-by-step instructions here >>

Pickles Produce

Do you love to garden? Try pickling your produce to give guests a charming country treat and to make sure none of your bountiful veggies go to waste.

Coffee Jars



Photo by: Something Turquoise

Something Turquoise

You'll be hard pressed (pun totally intended) to find someone who doesn't love a jar of fresh-roasted coffee beans.

Make This + Get the Free Printable: DIY Coffee Jar Favors

Cute Coasters

Painted Wood Chip Coasters

Painted Wood Chip Coasters

Cut cross sections into a dead stick using a hack saw, hand saw or table saw. Use painter's tape to divide the face of the wood slices in half, then paint the exposed parts with a sponge brush. Get creative and use more than one hue and try out different patterns, too.

Instead of dropping tons of cash on personalized coasters (because who wants a coaster with your name and wedding date on it?), make stylish versions that your guests can and will want to use again and again. All you need to make these pretty wood coasters is a dead tree branch, a table saw and paint.

9 More Easy DIY Coasters

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Wine Corks

Put discarded wine corks to use by slicing them in half with a utility knife, then attaching each to a 4-by-4-inch wood veneer square with hot glue in an alternating pattern.

Paint Chips

Pick up paint chips and laminate flooring samples from a local home improvement store or use leftover materials from past remodeling projects. Lay the materials out on a flat, level surface in a well-ventilated area, then seal and secure them to one another with shellac.

Porcelain Tiles

Turn leftover porcelain tiles into stunning seasonal coasters. Using stencils and paint, create a wintry scene on the tiles. Once they're dry, add felt pads on the bottom to prevent them from scratching any surfaces. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Stitched Fabric

Cut any remaining fabric into 4-inch squares using scissors, then stitch the ends for a tailored look. Personalize the fabric by applying acrylic paint to the center of the square using a stencil and foam brush.

Mini Records

While standard-sized vinyl albums work well as plate chargers, mini LPs are ideal as drink coasters. Search for small vinyl albums or toy albums approximately 4 inches in diameter. Choose an assortment of colors for a playful look, or choose albums with the same coloring for a more cohesive feel.

Wood Slices

Cut cross sections into a dead stick using a hack saw, hand saw or table saw. Use painter's tape to divide the face of the wood slices in half, then paint the exposed parts with a sponge brush. Get creative and use more than one hue and try out different patterns, too. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

  1. wood chip
  2. coaster

Magazine Pages

Bring a burst of color and pattern to your table with coasters made from upcycled magazine pages. Tear out pages, then fold each page into 1/4-inch strips and coat with rubber cement. Next, cut approximately 25 strips and place them to the side. Unfurl a paper clip and wrap the first strip around, creating a perfect hole for the center of the coaster. Once the first strip is wrapped around the paper clip, keep it securely wound with a bead of hot glue. Continue to roll the strip around the paper clip, then layer other strips on top, securing each strip to one another with glue. Once the shape of a coaster takes shape, secure the very end of the last strip in place with glue.


Spools of rope can bring a touch of farmhouse charm to a tabletop. Unfurl rope from its spool, then coat it with acrylic sealer. Wrap a pencil with the rope until the diameter is approximately 3 inches wide. Protect the bottom and keep it reinforced by cutting a sheet of cork to size, then attach it to the rope coaster with hot glue.

Wood Trim

Bring a rustic touch to your tabletop with wood trim assembled as mini shipping pallets. Cut four 1/2-by-1/8-inch accent trim into 4-inch strips using a utility knife. (These will become the slats.) Next, cut three 1/4-inch strips to size as the bottom structure. Secure the bottom structure to the slats using wood glue.

Floppy Disk

Now that virtual clouds are the norm for backing up digital files, floppy disks have become practically extinct. Add a sense of nostalgia to your tabletop by using floppy disks as drink coasters. These can simply be placed on the table and used without any crafting at all, or they can be made waterproof by treating with resin.

Hot Sauce



Photo by: Something Turquoise

Something Turquoise

Get five delicious hot sauce recipe ideas, plus these adorable (and free!) printable labels from Something Turquoise.

Fresh Cuts

Ranunculus and Pomegranate

Ranunculus and Pomegranate

Bring a touch of elegance to your autumnal spread with colorful floral, touches of fruit and warm wooden texture. This arrangement was made by placing ranunculus into glass votives set inside a reclaimed plank of oak, then filling the votives with pomegranate seeds for a rich fragrant effect.

Photo by: Flynnside Out Productions

Flynnside Out Productions

These beautiful mini arrangements can be used as place settings or as extra wedding decor. Just be sure to let your guests know they can take them when they leave.

Infused Simple Syrups



These sweet treats are a great way to punch up any beverage and will look super pretty on the gift table.

Sparkler Kits

Sparkler Send-Off Kits

Sparkler Send-Off Kits

Prep for a grand exit with these adorable, heart-shaped sparkler kits. Make the packaged kits ahead of time to display on a table near the door.

Photo by: Tori Watson , Project By: 17Apart

Tori Watson , Project By: 17Apart

Complete with a personal matchbook, this adorable, easy-to-make kit pulls double duty as both a favor and wedding send-off.

Apple Butter Jars

Apple Butter Wedding Favor

Apple Butter Wedding Favor

This sweet little favor of homemade apple butter is sure to please your wedding guests. Each batch makes 18 small jars.

Spread the love with tiny jars of homemade apple butter. You can even include the recipe as a sweet bonus.

Make This + Get the Free Printable: Apple Butter Wedding Favors

Tunes for the Road





Guests can remember your special day with a playlist loaded with songs from your reception or songs that hold special meaning to you and your S.O. Upload songs onto a CD or USB drive decorated with a custom label.


Printable Floral Labels for Champagne Bottles

Printable Floral Labels for Champagne Bottles

Miniature pink champagne bottles are a hit at the bar and can be cute, adult-friendly favors too. Wrap each bottle with a rectangle of printable scrapbook paper and add a personalized tag to the front. Just download our templates and add your text using word processing software.

This gift is as easy as it gets; all you have to do is download our free label printables and add your own text using word processing software. Tip: For non-drinking guests, sparkling water is a great alternative.

Infused Liquors

Infused Liquor Party Favors

Infused Liquor Party Favors

As easy as mixing together a few common kitchen ingredients with standard liquors, these three festive flavors make delicious holiday cocktails and party favors.

Give basic liquors a boost by infusing them with delicious ingredients your guests will swoon over.

Make This: DIY Infused Liquors

DIY Essential Oils

Make Your Own Essential Oils

Make Your Own Essential Oils

Learn how to make your own essential oils with plants from your garden.

Due to their many health, beauty and culinary uses, these fragrant oils are super popular right now. Make your own from olive oil and plants from your garden.

Family Recipe



©She-n-He Photography

She-n-He Photography

Make your guests feel like part of the family by gifting them the recipe to one of your favorite family dishes. Leave one at each place setting, or include in a gift bag with another small favor.

Get More DIY Ideas for a Southern-Style Wedding

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Preppy Places

Turn on the charm by laying a hemstitch linen runner down the length of a rustic wood table. Create a striking place setting by stacking dinnerware in alternating navy and white patterns, like this Modern Graphic collection from Newlywish. Top it off with heirloom silver and etched glassware.

©She-n-He Photography

Profile Place Cards

For place cards, create custom silhouette art by photographing the profiles of the bride and groom, cutting their shape out carefully, tracing onto card stock and painting black. Stamp female guests' names above the bride's silhouette, and males' names above the groom's silhouette, then place in a simple gold frame.

©She-n-He Photography

All in the Family

Send guests home with a favor they’ll enjoy for years: a recipe card sharing the family secret for pecan pralines that's been passed down for generations. Leave one at each place setting for guests to take home and try their hand at making this Southern favorite.

©She-n-He Photography

Summer Blooms

Display florals in vintage silver pitchers and vases for a classic, polished look. Loosely arrange white garden roses and polar star roses with green camellia leaves and Queen Anne's lace, then add a pop of preppy color with sprigs of lavender muscari.

©She-n-He Photography

Semi-Homemade Centerpieces

Paper flowers are terrific for creating a centerpiece that's a departure from a traditional floral arrangement, but still a strong visual impact. For this garland, we created paper magnolia blossoms and attached them to real magnolia branches, then arranged them all down the length of the table.

Little Devils

Deviled eggs with diced cucumber and dill make a perfect starter course, and they put a refreshing spin on a Southern classic. Carefully pipe filling into eggs, set symmetrically on a bed of dill, then garnish with a sprig on top.

©She-n-He Photography

Pecan Pleasure

For the dessert course, do as the Southerners do and serve homemade pralines. Line two china teacups with kraft paper, then pile the pralines high in each one and serve to guests on a silver tray. Guests are sure to come back for seconds of this sweet treat.

©She-n-He Photography

In Mint Condition

There’s nothing like a splash of bourbon to combat the summer heat and turn up the fun! Propose a toast to Southern tradition by pouring ice cold mint juleps in (what else?) silver mint julep cups, and top the drinks with fresh sprigs of mint.

©She-n-He Photography

Kid Friendly

Pay homage to a throwback summertime favorite with refreshing cherry limeades. Made with fresh-squeezed lime juice, sugar, club soda and maraschino cherry juice, this drink is simple to put together and is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser among children and adults alike.

©She-n-He Photography

Burgers + Fries To Go

How to make cheeseburger sliders

How to make cheeseburger sliders

©Picky Palate- Courtesy Image

Picky Palate- Courtesy Image

After a long night of festivities, your guests might need a snack for the road. Mini sliders with shot glasses of french fries will give guests a quick energy boost for the ride home. You can even throw in tiny milkshakes!

More Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

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Pass the Preserves

For a super Southern affair, skip the candy bar and opt for sweet jams and other preserves. Peach jam was a major hit at this Georgia wedding.

Bring on the Birds

This biodegradable bird seed ornament by Down in the Boondocks will have your guests remembering your sweet wedding every time a new songbird stops by for a visit.

Farm-Fresh Display

For a rustic wedding, store your packets of flower seed in an old wheelbarrow with a cute sign as seen here.

Photo By: Gracie Blue Photography

Spice Things Up

Show guests that you know how to think outside of the box by sending them home with a hot and spicy treat. Download the labels from Something Turquoise.

Photo By: Something Turquoise

Hand Stamped, Mail Ordered

If you love the idea of giving out coffee beans as favors, but you just don't have the time to do it yourself, you can even buy the beans already roasted and in custom-stamped packaging from AproprosRoasters.

Mix-Tape Memories

Give guests the opportunity to relive your special day with a custom-made cd featuring your favorite songs from the reception. 


Cookie for the Road

Take a cue from entertaining expert Kim Stoegbauer of The TomKat Studio and send your guests home with what they really want: a giant cookie for the road! Wrap individual cookies in a single CD case for an extra-clever presentation.

Sweetest Treat

If you really want to send guests home with something sweet, try your hand at one (or all!) of these flavorful sugars infused with lime, lavender and orange. Simply place the sugar and your dry ingredient in a sealed container for a few days before the wedding. Delicious!

S'more Kits

S’mores are easy and budget-friendly wedding favors that are perfect for a rustic DIY autumn wedding.

©The Photo Love

Mixed Nuts

If your style is more savory than sweet, consider making homemade spiced nuts to really impress your guest. Package the nuts in a simple glass jar, and decorate with colorful washi tape for an extra special touch.

Sweet Orange Ginger Tea

Combine your favorite spices to create your own custom tea blend for wedding guests. A cute card letting your guests know what makes up the tea blend is a thoughtful touch.

Candy Kit Bottles

Give just the right amount of something sweet by filling small glass vials with various candies. Nerds, Sour Worms and Snowcaps are great options for catering to different candy preferences. 

Hot Chocolate

Great for a winter wedding, these delectable coconut chocolate spoons are the ideal way to say, "Thank you." Get the recipe here.

Infused Liquors

We promise it's easier than it sounds. Simply mix together a few basic ingredients with common liquors for a gift your guests will rave about. Get the full instructions here.

Custom Chocolate Bars

If you're looking for a simple way to dress up store-bought goodies, look no further. These printable wrappers will turn any basic chocolate bar into the elegant wedding favor of your dreams. 

Pickled Produce

Do you love to garden? Try pickling your produce to give guests a charming country treat and to make sure none of your bountiful veggies go to waste.

Plant a Tree

Give a gift that keeps on giving when you supply guests with a way to plant their very own Scotch pine tree. Make your own kit, or buy it premade from MorganTheCreator on Etsy.

Photo By: MorganTheCreator

Cocktail Creations

Let guests take home a taste of your signature wedding drink by filling cute jars with dried rosebuds and a recipe for a Rose and Mint Champagne Cocktail. Get the recipe here.

Cotton Candy

Send guests home with a sweet and nostalgic treat when you string a clothesline with bags of delicious cotton candy. Photo courtesy of Tim Robison Creative

Photo By: Tim Robison Creative

Sew Cute

These delightful DIY sewing kits are so simple to make, and they are great to keep in a purse or car for fashion emergencies. Learn how to make them at Something Turquoise.

Photo By: Something Turquoise

Potted Succulents

Great for centerpieces and favors alike, potted succulents are a wedding trend that is only getting more popular with time. Don't forget to personalize them like Chelsea Costa of Lovely Indeed did here by painting the pots with your wedding colors!

Air Plants

Even easier to care for than succulents, air plants make a great wedding favor (and place holder) even for those without a green thumb. You can find these rustic beauties on thisfineday's Etsy shop.

Photo By: thisfineday

Mocha Magic

For a favor your guests will be anxious to use, make your own mocha latte mix in super cute test tubes. Find instructions and download the free label from Something Turquoise.

Photo By: Something Turquoise

Double-Duty Terrarium

A charming place holder that doubles as a sweet party favor, this DIY terrarium via Green Wedding Shoes is the perfect, easy craft that is sure to impress your guests.

Photo By: Green Wedding Shoes

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