9 Spring-Perfect Easter Tables

Let these stunning spring table settings inspire your own Easter celebration — no matter what you're planning.

Easter may not get as much attention as some other holidays (we're looking at you, Christmas), but it's actually one of the most fun celebrations to decorate for. Think about it, Easter colors are bright and cheery, it's one of the only big spring holidays and baby animals have become synonymous with the day — what could be better?

So this year, we're challenging ourselves, and you, to step up the spring celebration and create a tablescape worthy of attention — and an Instagram or two.

Let these nine inspiring tables show you how it's done.

Sunny Yellow

Charming Easter Tablescape

Charming Easter Tablescape

Celebrate Easter by setting an Easter dinner table full of charming details. Pick a color palette of butter yellow and grass green to usher in spring in style.

Photo by: Evin Photography

Evin Photography

Show your love for the Easter Bunny with a series of sweet ceramic rabbit figurines, and pump up the spring-friendly vibe with soft buttery yellows and vibrant grassy greens.

Live Tabletop Easter Decor 01:46

Consider adding an extra spark to your Easter tabletop decor by using live plants. Here's how.

Bold and Bright

Table Setting With Floral Bouquet

Table Setting With Floral Bouquet

We all know there's more to spring than just pastels, so why not try something a little more daring, like unapologetically bright blooms in fuchsia and neon green? If you're not ready to give up on soft colors completely, you can always add in some pastel pink flowers, too.

Lovely Lavender 

Spring-Inspired Vintage Table Setting

Spring-Inspired Vintage Table Setting

Cover the table with a white linen tablecloth, then add a burlap runner topped with lace as a subtle nod to the vintage-inspired theme. Add a feminine touch by building on a foundation of pretty pastel hues.

©Cheyenne Mojica Photography

Cheyenne Mojica Photography

Add a little rustic romance to your Easter table by layering a piece of lace over a burlap runner and crafting a centerpiece out of puprle and yellow flowers. Tie the look together (literally) with a coordinating ribbon and lavendar sprig at each place setting.

All About Chocolate 

Easter Egg Cage Centerpiece

Easter Egg Cage Centerpiece

Easter and chocolate go together almost as well as chocolate and cake, or chocolate and ice cream, or even chocolate and peanut butter. Let the delectable dessert take center stage by using plenty of brown accents in your tablescape and decorating with actual chocolate bunnies...yum!

Blue and Yellow Brunch

Easter Brunch Table

Easter Brunch Table

Sure, you could use this color combo for lunch or dinner, but there's something particularly special about using the sky-inspired palette to decorate for a morning meal. Especially considering mimosas, deviled eggs and lemonade match the yellow so perfectly. 

Emerald Easter

Green and White Outdoor Spring Table Setting

Green and White Outdoor Spring Table Setting

Weather permitting, take your spring parties outdoors. Here, designer Brian Patrick Flynn used a green and white color palette for the table's linens and place settings and puts mismatched vintage chairs to work for seating. Instead of a standard centerpiece, he used chicken lawn ornaments and watering cans filled with fresh tulips.

St. Paddy's Day has come and gone, but our love of green prevails. Luckily, bright green is a great choice for Easter too, and we love how fresh the shade looks when paired with crisp whites.

Robin's Egg Blue

Nature-Inspired Spring Centerpiece

Nature-Inspired Spring Centerpiece

Celebrate the start of spring with an inviting nature-inspired tablescape. "A simple blossom-themed wrapping paper is the inspiration for this table setting to welcome spring. A variety of candles and a pedestal holding an egg-filled bowl add to the fresh feel of the table," Katrina Giles of Seaside Interiors says. For a subtle contrast and touch of drama, black place mats are added beneath simple aqua dishes.

Play up Easter's egg-inspired side by decorating with a color that comes straight from some of the world's prettiest eggs. Keep the egg vibes going with a simple centerpiece filled with a variety of different colored eggs (either dyed or natural).

Pretty in Pink

Colorful Kids' Easter Table

Colorful Kids' Easter Table

Be sure to add pops of color to the party table with inexpensive paper plates in coordinated colors like pink and yellow. Fill mini baking cups with yellow and pink chocolate eggs for a little treat.

Photo by: Evin Photography

Evin Photography

You don't have to retire your pink decor after Valentine's Day, the feminine hue is a great match for Easter, too. We're particularly partial to a tablescape that combines pink with yellow and white, or even gold.

DIY Nest Egg

Springy Easter Table Setting

Springy Easter Table Setting

Use twine, Spanish moss and lichen to craft your own handmade bird's nest, then fill it with Easter candies for a sweet spring surprise. Get crafting with our step-by-step instructions .

Photo by: H. Camille Smith

H. Camille Smith

Not all nest eggs involve money, and that's fine by us, as long as candy's involved. Fill a DIY bird's nest with a handful of chocolate eggs to create a fun and festive place setting.

Design a Beautiful Easter Tablescape

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Natural Style

Dress your Easter table with fresh plants and blossoms. Create a unique look by mixing styles but maintain the natural aspect to keep it all tied together.

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Gathering the materials

You will need: for each place setting, 1 rounded glass / 1 mini nest (found at most craft stores) / 1 eggshell / 1 small terrarium plant / washi tape / self-adhesive monogram letter. For the tablescape: plates / glasses / silverware/ burlap / muslin / a basket and low vases / natural branches such as forsythia or redbud / moss balls.

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Empty the Eggshell

Break the top of the eggshell with the side of a spoon. Continue tapping around the top of the egg, creating a hole about 1" wide. Remove the top and empty out the egg. Note: you may need to poke the yolk to help it release more easily. Consider reserving the eggs for cooking.

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Preparing the eggshell

Use your thumb and forefinger to break away small pieces of eggshell all the way around the top of the egg making a hole that is just large enough to fit your terrarium plant (about 1 3/4" diameter).

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Add the Plant

Remove the plant from its container and remove some of the excess soil. Gently poke the plant into the eggshell.

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Decorate the Eggshell

Use gold washi tape to wrap around the center of the egg. Place a self-adhesive monogram letter over the center of the tape.

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Finish the Terrarium Decor

Place a tiny nest in the bottom of the glass. Add the decorated egg with the terrarium plant.

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Set the Table

By combining natural elements, refined pieces and rough hewn materials you can create a look that is uniquely you for your Easter table.

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

A splendid setting

This simple but elegant place setting will welcome your guests to the table in style.

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Choosing the flowers

Pick local, seasonal blossoms that are recognizable to your guests and signify the start of spring.

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Filling the basket

Fill the basket with a couple of low vases. Add water and branches to the vases at varying heights. When you are satisfied with the arrangement, add strips of burlap to fill any spaces and cover the tops of the vases.

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Rustic meets elegant

The antique plates with gold lily of the valley sit atop simple burlap placemats with cutlery wrapped in napkins made of muslin. Make the placemats by cutting 13"x18" rectangles. Remove a few of the strands from each side to create the fringe. Press the fabric with a liberal amount of starch. Make the muslin napkins by tearing the fabric into 18"x18" squares. Press and wrap around cutlery. Tie with a 6" piece of twine.

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Natural charm

The tiny nest and eggshell make this place setting whimsical and elegant at once. As an added benefit your guests can take their place setting home and start their own mini terrarium.

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

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