How to Decorate a Christmas Tree: 20 Inspiring Ideas

Dress (your Christmas tree) to impress.

While plenty of holiday enthusiasts have displayed perfectly decorated Christmas trees for weeks now, I’d like to believe there are also plenty of well-meaning holiday lovers who fall into my camp — that is the camp of slight procrastination. If you’re with me, I have just the thing to get you started: inspiration. Scroll through 20 of our best Christmas tree decorating ideas, and you won’t be able to put it off any longer. (Really, though, I’m buying my tree tonight!)


Your tree’s color palette may be the most important decision you make, because it sets the tone for the design style and overall feel of the tree. Color combinations involving red, white, silver or gold typically feel more classic, while unexpected colors like teal or pink feel more contemporary. When selecting your color scheme, think about the decor that will surround the tree, and shoot for a cohesive look.

White + Silver

Christmas Tree With Ribbon Garland in Festive Living Room

Christmas Tree With Ribbon Garland in Festive Living Room

For the Christmas tree in the living room, Joanna Gaines opted for a monochromatic approach – with white and silver ornaments, simple white lights and a ribbon garland.

From: Fixer Upper

Photo by: Rachel Whyte

Rachel Whyte


Christmas Tree Trimmed With Colorful Pom-Poms

Christmas Tree Trimmed With Colorful Pom-Poms

A Christmas tree is decked out in brightly colored pom-poms to add a fun twist to the festive decor.

Photo by: Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design

Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design

Black + White

Modern Black + White Christmas Tree

Modern Black + White Christmas Tree

For a contemporary home full of solid colors, clean lines and bright light, a Christmas tree decorated in a modern black and white aesthetic will fit in perfectly. The contrasting colors look great as solid ornaments, patterned ornaments and patterned ribbons. Simply purchase all solid black and all solid white ornaments. Add your own personality with a paint pen and some fun ribbon.

Teal Ombre

Ombre Christmas Tree

Ombre Christmas Tree

This ombre tree is an updated look to a monochromatic style. To decorate your tree like this one, pick one hue (I chose teal). Hang ornaments on your tree going from light on the top to dark on the bottom, which creates the ombre effect. Finish off the look with a long, wired, ombre ribbon. Place crisply wrapped gifts in the same colors as your ornaments underneath the tree.

Black, White + Red

Holiday Black And White Presents

Holiday Black And White Presents

Black and White striped wrapping paper is used to wrap presents in this holiday decorating theme. Red flowers and bows are used to create a contrast with the black and white wrapping paper.

Pink, Red, Silver + Gold

White Christmas Tree with Pink and Gold Ornaments

White Christmas Tree with Pink and Gold Ornaments

A white tree is adorned with pink, red and gold ornaments and surrounded by gifts wrapped in complementary paper in this room designed for the holidays by Hannah Flora Villio for actress Kathy Najimy, as seen on HGTV's Celebrity Holiday Homes.

Photo by: Benjamin Lowy ©HGTV/Scripps Networks

Benjamin Lowy, HGTV/Scripps Networks

Earth Tones

Country Christmas Tree Against Brown Brick Wall

Country Christmas Tree Against Brown Brick Wall

This simple Country Christmas tree is ornamented with pine cones, brown glass balls, bronze disco balls, and letter and number stencils for a unique twist on traditional tree decorations. Brown paper packages tied with twine rest under the tree next to a wooden rocking horse. A yellow yarn wreath, light green polka dot stocking, and green stuffed toys add color against the dark drown painted brick wall.

Rich Browns, Crisp Whites + Warm Metallics

Beautiful Snowflake Ornament

Beautiful Snowflake Ornament

This snowflake ornament is made of clothes pins and is a beautiful accessory to any tree.


Classic ball ornaments and standard tree skirts are lovely — but it’s also OK to think outside the box when dressing your tree. Fresh flowers create a feminine feel, and all-natural trimmings like orange slices will waft mouthwatering scents throughout your living space. Tinsel makes for major sparkle, and cutlery is adorable on a dining room tree. And why not secure your masterpiece in a vintage wagon so it can light up any room of your home on a moment’s notice?

Fresh Flowers

Floral Christmas Tree

Floral Christmas Tree

Start with a full, lush Christmas tree and cut the flower stems to be about 5 inches long. Stick the flower stem right into the tree towards the trunk and the heftiness of the branches will hold the flowers up. Complete the look with gifts wrapped in red, pink and floral patterned papers. Sprinkle some rose petals at the foot of the tree to bring a touch of romance to your floral tree look.

All-Natural Trimmings

Edible Christmas Tree

Edible Christmas Tree

All things natural make this tree a perfect choice for a family who loves cooking, the outdoors and living organically. Every decor element is a DIY project so gather the kids to make garlands and hanging orange slices that will make your tree beautiful and smell even better.

Tons of Tinsel



Relying on different tints and shades of the same hue rather than complementary or contrasting colors sets this tree apart.

Photo by: Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian Patrick Flynn


Ornamental Cutlery Christmas Tree

Ornamental Cutlery Christmas Tree

This cutlery tree is the perfect theme for a dining room. Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room created this look using old spoons and forks. She simply tied the silverware to the tree limbs with jute.

Vintage Wagon

Mobile Holiday Tree With Kitchen-Inspired Ornaments

Mobile Holiday Tree With Kitchen-Inspired Ornaments

An affordable and fun way to give your mobile tree culinary flair is to outfit it with everyday kitchen items repurposed as ornaments. This tree was is adorned with holiday-inspired cookie cutters and gold and red ribbon.


A gift’s ribbons and bows are a Christmas tree’s garlands. Without them, the final product is a little less spectacular. Don’t worry, though — there are countless options for garland if you’re not a fan of classic ribbon. Think yarn, jingle bells, twigs or beads. If you’re feeling crafty, consider making the vintage garland advent calendar pictured below.

Vintage Garland Advent Calendar

Vintage-Style Advent Calendar Garland

Vintage-Style Advent Calendar Garland

This holiday advent calendar is full of traditional charm and vintage style, keeping the Christmas anticipation alive for both kids and adults. Marian Parsons of Mustard Seed Interiors printed 24 different vintage images onto fused linen and freezer paper and painted a number onto the bottom corner of each. Each linen image was then assembled to form a pocket to hold candy or small gifts for the little ones. After attaching ribbon, the pockets can be draped around a Christmas tree or along a banister.

Bunny Tail Yarn



Photo by: Picasa ©ten22 studio | Rennai Hoefer

Picasa, ten22 studio | Rennai Hoefer

Jingle Bell Rope

Rope + Bell Garland

Rope + Bell Garland

Put a fresh spin on traditional garland by creating a handmade sisal and bell garland. Slide bells onto sisal rope, spacing them about four inches apart, and secure in place with contrasting rope or twine.

Photo by: Flynnside Out Productions

Flynnside Out Productions


Holiday Decor With Rustic Twig Garland

Holiday Decor With Rustic Twig Garland

Give real or faux evergreen garland a rustic, woodsy touch by layering on a twig garland. Just gather small branches from your yard, use clippers to cut them into sections that are approximately the same length, then knot the twigs together with jute twine or yarn.


Christmas Tree With Red and White Felt Skirt

Christmas Tree With Red and White Felt Skirt

Add a sweet touch to your decorations by gluing or stitching up this playful felt Christmas tree skirt. Felt is perfect for this project because it's inexpensive and doesn't fray when cut. Learn how to easy it is to make one of your own with HGTV's step-by-step instructions.


While most designers agree a tree topper isn’t a must, most homeowners like one anyway. Consider a monogram or a cluster of stars to switch things up this year.


Living Room with Holiday Decorations

Living Room with Holiday Decorations

Marianne still goes all-out without sacrificing style. "The house is very warm and welcoming," she says. "I host an annual holiday party with a fire going in the living room, christmas music playing and hors d'oeuvres and desserts in the dining room."

Photo by: Photography by David A. Land; styling by Matthew Gleason

Photography by David A. Land; styling by Matthew Gleason

Clustered Stars

Cluster Stars on Top

Cluster Stars on Top

Since Christmas tree lights aren't illuminated all day and all night, consider a tree topper that will sparkle during the day. Pick up brass or metallic oversized stars and place them on top of the tree as a cluster. During the day, the sunlight will play up the metallic finish. At night, the metallic will appear warm when lit by twinkle lights.

Photo by: Flynnside Out Productions

Flynnside Out Productions

40 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas to Try This Season

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During the holiday season, the Christmas tree is the shining centerpiece of your home. Trim your tree with these inspirational decorating ideas.

Rustic Luxe

Fixer Upper's Joanna Gaines adorned this lush tree with white and silver ornaments, sparkling white lights and a thick off-white ribbon garland for a look that's simple, yet stunning.

Photo By: Rachel Whyte

Match Your Decor

Whether your home is traditional, contemporary or shabby chic, choose a tree color and theme that fits your design. This stunning lavender flocked tree complements this living room's cool purple and navy decor.

Festive Fairy Lights

This year, ditch the strenuous strands of standard twinkle lights and opt instead for softer, dainty LED fairy lights draped from the top of the tree.

Photo By: iStock/Oksana Nazarchuk

Simple on Top, Bold on Bottom

Let your tree skirt do all the talking. Balance a bold tree skirt, like this beautiful Nordic-inspired design, with minimal tree decor such as white lights and simple mesh garland — no ornaments necessary.

Farmhouse Flocked

This year's hottest tree trend? Gorgeous green branches coated in snowy white flocking. Decorate with a few white and burlap ornaments for an updated, farmhouse-style take on the classic Christmas tree.

Go Glam on a Budget

Glam up your holiday decor with a flashy and fun Hollywood-inspired tree. Trimmed with mini gold sunburst mirrors and pretty pops of pink and red ornaments, this bright white tree is fit for a superstar. To get this expensive look on a budget, make miniature versions of these DIY sunburst mirrors and reuse them as year-round home decor once the holidays are over.

Photo By: Benjamin Lowy ©HGTV/Scripps Networks

DIY Ornaments

Handcrafted ornaments aren't just for kids. This tree features pretty yet simple ornaments fashioned from twigs, hot glue and white spray paint. For a polished look, pinecones and pretty metallic baubles complement and soften the DIY decorations.

Blooming Design

Visit your local craft store for a variety of silk flowers, like these rich red garden roses, peonies, hydrangea and gerber daisies. Mold the flowers into a lush garland, or scatter throughout the branches with an assortment of well-placed ornaments. Top the tree with a richly textured ribbon for a high-end designer look.

Photo By: Anders Krusberg © 2013, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Black + White Baubles

For a contemporary home full of solid colors, clean lines and bright light, a Christmas tree decorated in a modern black and white aesthetic will fit in perfectly. Simply purchase all solid black and all solid white ornaments and add personality with a paint pen and some fun ribbon. Pro tip: skip the tree topper and cluster a handful of your favorite round ornaments on top for a playful look, instead.

Pet Friendly

Pets LOVE to play with (read: destroy) Christmas trees. Thankfully, there are some tips you can follow to help keep your pets safe and your tree intact. Choose an artificial tree that is under six feet tall and anchor it securely to the wall or floor to avoid toppling. Use flat matte ornaments that are larger in size — they're less attractive to pets than shiny ornaments and are harder to chew on or swallow. Attach ornaments securely with twist ties and avoid hanging too many on the bottom quarter of the tree. Don't use tinsel or garland, as pets can easily entangle themselves or choke on swallowed pieces. Lastly, tape down or cover any electrical wires, and always turn the tree off when you aren't in the room.

Classic Meets Mod

Mix trendy with traditional. Classic silver and gold ornaments and beaded garland complement a trendy monogram topper on this chic, simple tree.

Photo By: Photography by David A. Land; styling by Matthew Gleason

Bring Out the Color

Even if you don't embrace color in your everyday decorating, Christmas is the one time of year you can go overboard. Look for ornaments in bold blues, bright greens, pinks and purples and pair them with metallics, like silver and gold for a festive tree that is sure to draw attention.

Photo By: Jonny Valiant

Make an Individual Statement

Put your passions on display in style. Love Steampunk? Transform vintage and industrial knickknacks into cool ornaments and finish your tree with a Victorian-style top hat.

Beaded + Beautiful

Swap traditional ribbon garland for stylish strands of skinny gold and silver beaded garland for a look that's traditional yet elegant.

Photo By: iStock

Spray Paint It

To mimic the bright blue-green hue of peacock feathers, designer Meg Caswell spray-painted the tips of this tree's branches a rich teal hue. Add a touch of whimsy to your own tree with fun painted designs, like white branch tips, top-to-bottom color or an ombre effect. Tip: Choose a non-toxic paint and always apply in a well-ventilated area, preferably outside. Allow paint to dry thoroughly before decorating.

Quaint + Quilted

Some old quilts are too fragile or tattered to use as bedding, but they're too precious to throw away. Repurpose one into a charming, cottage-style Christmas tree skirt by using the largest intact portion of the quilt.

Photo By: Marian Parsons

Pram + Proper

A galvanized wash tub and old baby buggy make up the mobile base for this adorable entryway tree. Take a look around your own home for creative pieces you can incorporate into your tree's decor.

Out of the Woods

The natural textures, wood tones and overall color scheme of this modern tree make it look straight out of a fairy tale. In addition to flocked branches and a show-stopping topper, this tree features sleek, mismatched ornaments spaced evenly for a balanced look.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn, FlynnsideOut

Truly Patriotic

Deck out your tree in America's hues: red, white and blue. In 2013, this beautiful evergreen sat in the White House's East landing and featured ornaments representing all five military branches.

Photo By: Joshua Roberts ©HGTV/Scripps Networks

Kids' Tree

A mini tree is a great way to get the kiddos involved this Christmas. After you've finished decorating your tree, help them design a pint-sized version with leftover ornaments and garland. Or get hands-on with DIY decorations, like these button tree ornaments and straw tree topper.

Cookie Cutter Christmas

This darling tiny tree fits perfectly on a tabletop display. Cookie cutters in dove, angel and bell shapes adorn the tree, while a small wood star is positioned at the top. A wood basket conceals the base of the tree and provides a sturdy base for easy decorating.

Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth...and after the holidays. A playful garland and large, graphic banner are all you need to create a statement tree that requires minimal clean up come January 1st.

Tons of Tinsel

Tinsel is a great way to incorporate sparkle and interest into any tree design. To recreate the subtle charm of this modern, white designer tree, add generous amounts of soft silver and light gold tinsel to branch tips after ornaments and garland are in place.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Perfectly Natural

Celebrate the winter season with a nature-inspired Christmas tree. Dried fruit, spices and other natural materials make beautiful, rustic alternatives to traditional ornaments that, when combined, create a delicious holiday fragrance that can be enjoyed all season long.

Go Mobile

Who says your Christmas tree has to stay put? A galvanized bucket on casters makes a stylish tree container and will allow you to transport your tree to any room in the house.

Sweet Tooth

Add a sweet touch to your tree with holiday candy. To get this whimsical look, use packaged candy with a long shelf life, such as candy canes or lollipops. If you have pets or small children, artificial candy ornaments are a great alternative and will give you a wider range of decorative options. Polish off your sweet design with this DIY candy-inspired tree skirt.

Brilliant Bulbs

Tired of untangling yards and yards of string lights? Toss the twinkle lights and up the drama with a few simple strands of oversized bulbs.

Photo By: iStock

Character Tree

For a simple and quick Christmas decorating solution, transform your tree into a fun holiday character, like this adorable snowman. “First create a snowman head and face from a large, foam floral sphere and place it at the top of the tree,” says designer Brian Patrick Flynn. “Next, add two scarves just below the head. To create the look of coat buttons, line up three to seven black ornaments in the center of the tree. Lastly, give the snowman arms with branches placed roughly two-thirds of the way up on each side.”

Use Up Your Yarn

Put all of this year's leftover yarn to good use with easy-to-make yarn ball ornaments and bunny tail yarn garland. Paired together on a mini tree, these simple decorations are a chic and pretty addition to your front porch holiday decor.

Photo By: Picasa ©ten22 studio | Rennai Hoefer

Halloween Tree

Bring out your inner Morticia Addams with a spooky yet stylish tree you can decorate for Halloween and leave up until January.

Galvanized Tree Collar

Give your tree a pretty, rustic look by upcycling an old galvanaized bucket into a chic DIY skirt!

Complementary Colors

Show off the vibrancy of a bold-colored artificial tree with simple ornaments in toned-down, complementary hues. This bright, bubblegum-pink tree is simple and fun when adorned with a light scattering of red, fuschia and pink baubles in soft, matte finishes.

Keep It Simple

Make Christmas cleanup a breeze by keeping decor to a minimum like Fixer Upper's Joanna Gaines did with this classic red and green tree. Simple ornaments and minimal lighting make a big statement without the fuss.

Photo By: Rachel Whyte

Put a Bow on It

Match your tree to your gift wrap or vice versa. Designer Laurie March created a bright, unified look by using the same festive blue bows on both the Christmas tree and the gift wrap in this disco-inspired holiday space. 

Photo By: Gilles Mingasson / Getty Images; 2013, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Statement Ornament

Amp up your tree's flair and personality by adding a handful of oversized ornaments, like these DIY felt poinsettias. Create graphic focal points by hanging the large-scale ornaments first, then decorate the rest of the tree with small baubles, trinkets and winter berries in complementary hues.

Cluster Small Ornaments Together

"A designer trick for adding depth to your Christmas tree decor is to cluster similar ornaments together then hang them inside the tree and along the tips of branches," says designer Brian Patrick Flynn. "From a distance the clusters will read much more graphically than tucked and partially-hidden single ornaments, plus they will help fill voids throughout the tree."

Advent Calendar Garland

Start a new family tradition by turning your tree into a beautiful, vintage Advent calendar. This handmade garland version is made from printed linen pockets that hold candy or small gifts for each day of the Advent.

Update Natural Accessories

"Update pinecones with holiday flair by lightly misting with white spray paint along the entire body until they take on a snowy, frosted appearance," says designer Brian Patrick Flynn. "Once dry, layer whitened pinecones onto branches with rope as hangers or simply place loosely throughout the tree."

Beachy Beauty

Can't get away this Christmas? Transform your home into a luxurious vacation spot with ornaments and decorations sourced from or inspired by your favorite locale. For actor Wayne Brady's Hawaiian-themed holiday home, designer Stacey Vuduris trimmed the tree with starfish, pineapple and tropical flower ornaments and pretty puka shell garland.

Photo By: Gilles Mingasson/Getty Images

Forget the Tree Skirt

Mix it up this year by replacing your usual tree skirt with a repurposed container such as a vintage wine crate or galvanized wash tub. To get this antique look, choose a vessel that is proportional to your tree and large enough to create a sturdy base, then place heavy rocks in the bottom for added support. Drape a layer of coordinating fabric between the container and tree for a polished look.

Put Holiday Cards to Good Use

Repurpose last year's Christmas cards into a festive and meaningful tree garland.

Ribbons Galore

Create a fun, eclectic design by tying ribbon to your tree's branches. Place pieces close together in a single, bold shade or arrange in an ombre pattern by using light-colored ribbon at the top then graduating darker shades of the same hue as you move toward the base. Tip: To save money, buy ribbon scraps from your local craft store or save pieces from gifts or crafts throughout the year.

Remember When...

Transform your family's special memories into beautiful ornaments. Snap photos on vacations, during major life events and when you or your children participate in hobbies or sports, then print the pictures in sepia or black and white for a vintage look. Place the photos in miniature gilded frames and hang from your tree. Each Christmas you'll be reminded of your family's adventures and favorite memories.

  1. neutral photos

Photo By: Cheswick Photography

Bright Neutrals

Bright, cheery neutrals are a great fit in almost any interior design, making them ideal for holiday decorating. This crisp, white tree is anything but bland when trimmed with modern parchment-colored ornaments and minimalistic garland. Make a beautiful, modern statement in your home with this easily adaptable, less-is-more approach.

Dark Neutrals

If you aren't a huge fan of white Christmas trees, but still want to try a neutral approach, consider an earth-toned design. On a classic tree, pair copper and metallic ornaments in flat matte or glossy finishes with natural decorations, like pinecones and cinnamon sticks, for a warm, neutral look.

Rustic Scandinavian

When you think of classic Christmas decor, you are likely picturing the rustic simplicity of the Scandinavian style. To get this handmade look, use decorations made from natural materials such as salt dough, basket weave and embroidery in subdued colors.

©Marc Kelly

DIY Statement Topper

Make a statement with your tree topper — literally. Use wood letters in bright seasonal colors to easily create your own word or phrase. Glue the letters together, then nestle the finished product into your tree's branches or attach with a pipe cleaner to the uppermost bough. Adorn with large snowflake ornaments or brightly-colored ting-ting for a fun and unique topper that's sure to start a conversation.

Wrap Lights in Garland

Eliminate a step from your tree decorating routine by combining garland and lights. Simply choose several different fabrics in coordinating patterns and colors, cut them into thin strips, then tie the strips onto a string of Christmas lights until the chord is completely covered. Lace the lighted garland close to your tree's trunk for a subtle effect or attach to branch tips for a bright and bold look.

Vintage-Style Christmas Tree With Burlap Garland

Donna Williams of Funky Junk Interiors decorated her tree with household items for a vintage look. The garland is made from strips of white bed sheets and burlap and accessorized with vintage license plates and rustic, wooden ornaments.

Light It Up

Live in an apartment or loft with holiday-decorating restrictions? (Boo!) Bring the bling to your tree in a safe way with battery-operated or plug-in candles, like these gorgeous chandelier candelabras.

Photo By: BlairBunting/Getty Images

Match the Theme of the Room

When deciding on the perfect decor for your Christmas tree, glean inspiration from the room in which it will live. In a dining room, hanging antique silverware on the tree is a chic, easy way to match your holiday place settings.

Saturated Hues

Go all out with your favorite color this holiday season. Choose ornaments in a variety of sizes and textures in shades of the same hue and arrange on a white tree. Complete the look with holiday home decor and gift wrap in the same shades.

Photo By: Gilles Mingasson/Getty Images

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